Adventures with Baby

This week, Joshua went on his first trip ever. Nick and I had not planned on travelling with Joshua so early, but we had plenty of reasons to go home to Northern California:

  • My sister-in-law was getting engaged
  • It was my dad’s birthday
  • It was Easter weekend
  • My college friends were having a reunion

We knew it would be crazy to travel with him, but what the heck? We’re young… We’ve got the energy… Let’s do it!

So we packed our bags and off we went on our first road trip as a family of three 🙂

The weekend was wonderful, filled with family & fun. Then Sunday evening came… and Nick had to return back home.

I was nervous about having Joshua all to myself for the week. I was anxious and somewhat terrified of how the trip was going to work with my little three-month old. How am I going to go from place to place with him? How am I going to nurse him? Why am I bringing Joshua with me to all of these events as far as Davis when I could easily leave him at home with my in-laws?

Well… I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My time at home with Joshua was incredible. I love my little man so much. And I could not have had a better experience with him. Yes, things were difficult and far less convenient at times. But I loved being able to share Joshua with all of my friends. And I loved sharing all of my friends with Joshua. Even though he is too young to remember these times we have had together, I will always remember. I will always remember the time Joshua and I went to Davis together and the time we got stranded at the airport… I will always remember the first time he came with me to the college ministry that helped bring my faith to life… and of course all of the joy-filled evenings we had with our families. I grew so much closer to my son after this week. I got to know him better and learn more about how he reacts in different environments and situations. I got to see first hand how much my friends and family truly adore him, even when living far away. What a blessing to have so much love and support.

To sum up, here are four reasons why I love going on adventures with my baby boy:

  1. Shared experience with baby draws you two closer together– He’s like your little pal that you take everywhere with you 🙂
  2. You build memories together– It’s the little moments that I am sure I will one day realize were actually the big ones. I can’t wait to look back on these days and tell Joshua all about our fun times together.
  3. You learn to improvise in tough situations– I now know that I will avoid flying with baby by myself at all costs…
  4. You feel like “Super Mom”– I’m amazed I got through this week and did all that I did. I attribute much of it to my youth. I also still refuse to give up fun events just because I have a baby. Why not just bring Joshua in on all the fun :)? I felt a huge sense of accomplishment after this week, being able to tend to Joshua and still cater to my needs as well. All without the hubby too. Glad to know we can survive a week on our own if absolutely necessary 🙂


Here are some fun snapshots from our week:

Three of my dearest & closest girlfriends 🙂

IMG_3130 IMG_3104

IMG_3138 IMG_3102

The next morning, I spent the day with just me and Joshua visiting familiar parts of Davis. That’s generally not my thing, to do things without other people… but I absolutely loved it. Here are a few shots:

IMG_3172 IMG_3171

IMG_3169 IMG_3161



Here are some shots we have with family from Easter weekend:

IMG_3063 IMG_2930 IMG_2997 IMG_3006

IMG_3038 IMG_3069

He loved spending time with his aunties 🙂 He’s already a ladies man…

IMG_3056 photo 1


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