10 Things I learned in May

  1. Nick going somewhere overnight is the worst. My husband travels a lot for work. Before we had a baby, I always thought to myself “oh man, I miss you!”… Post baby, I feel like, “Please get back for my sanity”. Parenting/taking care of a baby by yourself is no joke!
  2. Joshua can kick it with mommy at the coffee shop. I decided to try bringing Joshua out with me to a coffee shop so that I can read & write outside of our home and not spend the day cooped up inside. He just chills in the stroller for over an hour while I do this! What a great a little baby 🙂
  3. I need to go to the beach more. I live right by the beach! Why don’t I do this more? I went to the beach multiple times this month & every time I go, I feel so relaxed and refreshed.
  4. Finding time to exercise when you’re a mom is surprisingly difficult. Moms get very little alone time. The smidgen of time I get without Joshua, there are other things I’d prefer to be doing. I guess I need to find a way to incorporate Joshua into my workout routine. I would love suggestions from other moms in this area.
  5. Disneyland is an ideal spot for date/family night. Our passes expired in December and I have been asking Nick nonstop when we will renew them. We decided sometime in the fall.
  6. I love teaching. This month, I got the opportunity to speak at our church, along with one my dear friends/mentors. I absolutely loved it. I loved learning with her. I loved writing my portion of the talk. I loved teaching on Sunday morning. I’m excited & eager to grow in this area and keep learning!
  7. Praying for Joshua is extremely important. I came to a life-altering conclusion this month (yet most of you probably already knew this), that there is literally nothing I can do to protect my son from what he’s going to encounter in this broken world… including my & nick’s baggage. The best thing I can do is pray for him because he is ultimately in God’s hands, not mine. And although that means I have very little control… I am filled with peace knowing that my son’s mind & heart are in the hands of the creator of the universe 🙂 IMG_3257
  8. Playing baby music in our house creates a peaceful atmosphere. Whenever baby’s getting fussy and I can’t seem to calm him down, I just go on spotify and play the “Praise Baby” playlist. It’s a bunch of baby Christian songs. It almost always calms him down. And it always calms me down… happy baby = happy mommy… happy mommy = happy hubby… Thus, “Praise Baby” = happy family.
  9. Meal Planning helps me cook yummy, healthy meals. I’ve started meal planning! Which means that, at the start of the week (Sunday night), I plan out dinner for every night of the week, make a shopping list, and do all the grocery shopping for that week right then. This helps me incorporate lots of veggies & healthy stuff into my meals and saves money, as well as trips to the grocery store. IMG_3263 Here’s one of my dishes: whole wheat pizza dough w/goat cheese, chicken & basil + a spinach salad on top w/balsamic dressing. Hubby loved it 🙂
  10. Mother’s Day is my new favorite holiday. I hated it for the past couple years b/c I’ve had no reason to celebrate… no mommy and no baby. But now I have a precious baby boy! Nick treated me to a relaxing couple’s massage AND got me a blanket covered with Joshua’s photos. It was beautiful. I feel so blessed to get to celebrate Mother’s day again.

One thought on “10 Things I learned in May

  1. Larissa says:

    Great lessons, Natalia. Number 4: I am a huge fan of our jogging stroller. I go for walks and runs with Alex. Also, for a good 20-minute workout I like Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred and Tara Stiles’ yoga videos, which can be found on YouTube. I try to mix it up with strength training and cardio.

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