As a practice in gratitude, I will post a #FlashbackFriday on various Fridays of the month of a treasured memory.

This one has been close to my heart recently b/c it contains everything I love: Europe + Travel + Best Friend

 photo I took from the top of a church in Geneva

God blessed me with the rare opportunity to spend summer 2010 in Switzerland with one of my best & dearest friends. We both went to Italy (I went for the first half of summer, she went for the second), but decided to meet in Geneva for a week as I was heading back to the US & she was heading into Italy. I love looking back on this trip because it’s truly one of those experiences that I would say is “like a dream”. We talk about it sporadically and still laugh about the ridiculously fun(ny) adventures we had while we were there. We got to practice our Italian & I got to practice my French. We spent many sunny AND rainy days walking around the city and exploring together. What a blessing!


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