Healthy Habits: Clean Eating

I decided to start doing some healthy cooking over the past couple weeks! Here are 4 clean eating choices I’ve made that I have grown to LOVE.

  1. For my sweet tooth: Chia Seed Pudding
    No one has a larger sweet tooth than I do… no one. So when I discovered this recipe to fulfill my sweet craving AND fill my body with nutritious vitamins & antioxidants, I was pretty thrilled. PS the mason jar is tinted blue, that’s not the color of the pudding.
    Recipe found here:
    IMG_3495 IMG_3496
  2. For my salty/snacky craving: Kale Chips
    I started making these for my husband. Natalia: Sweets :: Nick: Snacks.
    We LOVE these. My husband gobbled them all up. They have a really crispy texture and delicious flavor. Yummy like potato chips, but WAY healthier. I made it my own way, but it’s similar to this recipe:
  3. For a quick & healthy breakfast: Oatmeal
    I don’t necessarily love oatmeal, but I do like it. I make it with milk, brown sugar, almond butter & cinnamon. You can top it with fruits, nuts or greek yogurt (for additional health benefits). And did you know that oats are amongst the world’s healthiest foods? I sure didn’t… Oats supposedly lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease (because of it’s antioxidants) AND can increase milk supply (for all you nursing moms). Perfect for my breakfast.
  4. To make my entrees healthier: Brown Rice instead of white rice
    Great switch for the kwok family because we consume rice nearly every dinner. Need I say more?

What are some of your clean eating habits?


One thought on “Healthy Habits: Clean Eating

  1. TheWranglingRhino says:

    You seem to be more than aware of healthy eating and the benefits of (natural) antioxidants and micro nutes!

    I would be honored if you had a look at what Vemma has to offer (via my blog) and to get your opinion. I am not nearly as creative as you so I supplement with all natural products to try and get more balance in my diet.

    Thank you for this post!

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