My 25th Birthday

I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much this birthday. The last several years, I haven’t really celebrated since various circumstances have made it difficult to do so. But this year, I really felt special and loved. I will surely want to re-remember this year’s birthday as one where God was pouring out His love unto me through my friends and family.

24 was a tough year. An unexpected pregnancy, ups & downs in our marriage, plus trying to cater to school and make mommy friends. It’s all been very very hard.

Turning 25, I don’t feel much different. But I do feel as though God used this years birthday as a reminder. He wanted to remind me of all that I had to be grateful for. He reminded me that even though I may be in a desert season, he is still meeting me here… He still cares for me and loves me. I did not expect a thing this year, but was showered with love. And that’s exactly how God works…. when he turned water into wine and when he overflowed the fishermen’s nets with fish… He is a God who desires to bless his children with good gifts; with joy, peace & love. He did that for me this year.

I am hoping that 25 will be a joyful, fun-filled year where I grow in love & mature in all aspects of my life. But even if that’s not what it turns out to be, God is still good & desires to pour his love unto me.

As I continue to practice thankfulness- here is ALL I had to be thankful for this year during my birthday week:

  • Tea Party! Celebrated with college friends
    I have greatly missed celebrating my birthday with these girls. I have incredibly deep and life-giving relationships with them… we are rarely all in the same area, but just so happened to be in the same place a few days before my birthday 🙂 They surprised me with a girly tea party, just like the good ol’ days… what more could I ask for 🙂
  • Tiramisu! Celebrated with family friends
    Loved being back in my hometown to celebrate with close family & family friends 🙂
    photo 3-6
  • Movie in the Park! Celebrated with LA friends
    Now this was also incredibly special. This was honestly, the first birthday I’ve had in LA where I feel like I’ve truly gotten to celebrate and do something fun. A bunch of my dear friends & I went to watch Pitch Perfect at “Eat. See. Hear”, which is an awesome movie-in-the-park event in West LA. Some high lights from the night include: minnie mouse cupcakes (thank you Steph & Katelyn!), minnie mouse cake (thank you Lauren!), & some aca-awesome singing & dancing on the big screen!
    IMG_3663     photo.PNG
  • Cake & Beer! Celebrated with our Greek IV fam
    This group includes my husband’s best friends from college who have now become some of MY best friends. I truly forget that I know them through Nick & feel like I have my own personal history with each of them. We all happened to be together (minus one!) on my birthday in Madison, WI! I was so thrilled to have cake & beer together at night 🙂
  • Madison! Celebrated with my husband & baby
    What more could I ask for? My husband orchestrated a huge chunk of my birthday plans… He made me feel so special all week and now, I feel super spoiled, to the point where I don’t even know how to accept all that he’s done for me. We spent the whole day together in Madison where he just showered me with love & FUN. I am so grateful I got to spend my actual birthday day with the two people I care about the most 🙂IMG_3738 IMG_3740 IMG_3672



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