10 Firsts in June

We had MANY new experiences this past month! I tried to keep it as short as possible… the list could be much longer. Instead of ten things I learned in June, here are ten FIRSTS.

1. Joshua’s laughing- and as you parents know… this is literally the most joyful sound in the world. I just can’t take it.


2. We saw “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”- it was my and nick’s first time seeing a broadway musical together AND going to Pantages theater (for all you newbies like me, Pantages is a famous theater in Hollywood where the Academy Awards started!). The show was incredible and we were both quite blown away. Our very dear friend invited us to go with him as he had extra tickets 🙂

3. We went to a futuristic space-age costume party- and guess what? we dressed up like hippies from the 70’s. My husband (somehow) got the theme wrong. So this was surely a first… going all-out at a party where we got the theme completely wrong. I felt like Elle Woods from legally blond.

4. We went to Madison, Wisconsin- and I will surely be writing a whole ‘nother blog post on this. I absolutely love Madison. I am slightly convinced I am destined to live in the midwest!


5. I spent the night away from Joshua- although I was secretly freaking out, Nick did an incredible job with him! Good to know I can have more nights away 😉

6. We went to our first goodbye party in LA- and it was surely a sad one… It was one of the first sad goodbye’s I have had to say since college. I’m not a fan.

7. Joshua experienced Catalina Island for the first time- we all headed to Catalina Island for my husband’s staff retreat. Joshua enjoyed getting passed around and snuggled by all our friends 🙂

8. Nick’s 1st Father’s Day- I could not compete with the incredible Mother’s day he planned out for me… but I WAS sure to get him & Joshua matching outfits. How cute are they?


9. We underwent TWO tornado warnings!- This was initially scary, then kind of awesome! As a California girl, I have never experienced any natural disaster outside of an Earthquake. We experienced not one but TWO tornado warnings, during which we had to retreat down to the basement of the apartment complex we were staying in. Furthermore, the basement began to flood a little bit… still scary… but also still kind of cool!

photo 2-5

10. American Airlines lost our baggage- Neither myself nor Nick have ever experienced lost baggage with an airline. We were really bummed when we found out American Airlines left our baggage in Chicago (where our layover was) and then quickly became frustrated when they kept delaying the delivery of our luggage… after promising a delivery time over and over and over again. Too bad it’s nearly impossible to carry on all our baggage with a child.


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