Fall is Here!

My favorite season has finally arrived… ahhh my happy place 🙂 and I cannot wait to start doing “fall-y” things. Here are the 5 little pieces of joy I’m most looking forward to this fall:

1. Fall Decor- pumpkins, leaves & fireplace galore
So now that I have a baby, it feels infinitely more fun to decorate and get crafty! I know he’s too young to carve pumpkins & decorate the home with me, but having a little one around provokes joy in the little things… children are so darn happy about everything 🙂 I’m ready to bring the joy & warm-fuzzies of fall into our little home 🙂


2. Pumpkin flavored everything
I mean… who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte? or better yet… a pumpkin CHAI? And I’ll have that with a pumpkin scone please… or pumpkin pie. Whatever it is.. I can’t wait to start making pumpkin yummies this season.


3. Giving Thanks
We should always be thankful… but I love that there’s an entire season/holiday dedicated to it. God’s been teaching me a lot about gratitude this year. I’m already thinking of special ways to show my thanks to those I love.

4. Halloween Costumes
Our first year being able to dress up as a family of three! I cannot WAIT to put my little bubs in a costume… We’re thinking of ways to have all 3 of us be some sort of disney trio but can’t decide what. We welcome any ideas 😉 So far we’re thinking characters from Up or Monsters Inc.

5. Disneyland- Fall Style
Let’s just continue on with the Disney theme… if you have yet to visit Disneyland in the Fall, you’re missing out. The whole park is decked out! They host things like Mickey’s Halloween Party AND the haunted mansion looks insane… this season & Christmas time are ideal times to visit.



4 thoughts on “Fall is Here!

    • nataliakwok says:

      YES I actually just read an article about it! I don’t know if you posted it or if it was someone else, but I was pretty sad. But no worries… I looked up slow-cooker homemade pumpkin lattes on pinterest 🙂

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