10 Things I Learned in August

1. I want to work with the marginalized & the oppressed.
People always ask me which route I would like to take with my career path in terms of occupational therapy… I don’t know. All I know (now) is I want to serve the underserved. Whether that’s school-based pediatrics or hospital-based geriatrics… I want to go and be with those who need someone to love them & serve them.

2. Joshua is a very happy baby.
I’ve heard this statement a lot this month… As a mommy, I secretly (now publicly) just love hearing it 🙂 He IS a happy baby. And I am so grateful for the joy he brings into our lives.


3. God’s led me through a lot of healing over the past 3 years
It’s been almost 3 years since my mom’s passing and I can’t even tell you how much God’s done in my life since then to bring me through all the grief. I had one of those moments this past month where I realized, “whoa… I’m actually okay.”

4. Baking is my stress-reliever.
That’s good news for my husband… cookies & brownies galore over here!

5. Being a mommy AND a grad student is a lot of work.
I started school again this week and have a newfound respect for mommys who also work/go to school. I was only on campus one day this week, but when I got home I was absolutely wiped. Hopefully I’ll get used to this.

6. Making baby food is cheaper, yet way more tedious than buying baby food.
So… we’ve done the math. For us, homemade baby food comes out to about $0.19 per serving and store-bought is about $0.60 per serving (unless you want organic, then it’s $1.00 per serving). BUT constanty using the blender, making the food, freezing it, heating it up etc. is quite a bit of work… I’m not sure which is better.


7. Forrest Gump is an incredible movie.
Believe it or not, Nick and I saw this movie for the first time this month. It was truly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen… touched me and inspired me in so many ways.

8. Tay Sway is one of my favorite singers. of all time.
I cannot wait for her new album to come out in October. I know a lot of people think she’s “sold herself out” to mainstream pop… but I don’t know/care. I love her music & her style.

9. Reconciliation is a part of God’s Kingdom here on Earth.
With everything happening in our world (Ferguson, Immigration chaos, ISIS brutality, etc.) I’ve come to learn that something CRUCIAL we have to offer as Christians is reconciliation. It’s a part of God’s mission here on Earth. It IS the gospel.

10. I wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home mommy.
I love playing with my son and am dreading going back to school full-time… big shocker there.

Photo on 2014-04-09 at 17.20 #5


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