Happy Things

This past week has been a little tougher… from parking tickets to starting school to accidentally breaking NUMEROUS mugs and bowls (we’re clumsy)… 

As my (continuous) practice in gratitude, I want to acknowledge some happy things that have also happened this week. Mostly small… but it’s the small (even mundane) things that I am sure I will one day see as the extraordinary 🙂

Girls Night
We had a girls night with wine, cheese&crackers, and the BEST chick flick of all time, “You’ve Got Mail”. Oh and did I mention we braided each others hair? Ultimate girls night.
photo 1-7 

God Time at Descanso Gardens
Just look at that view.

photo 2-9 

Homemade Chai Tea Lattes
We recently bought the Oregan Chai Tea Concentrate from trader joe’s and mix it with Almond Milk to make the PERFECT chai tea latte. I’m pretty sure I’ve had one every day… it’s amazing. Oh and it’s in my favorite disney mug 🙂


Our new favorite game… we’ve also played THIS every single day. 


The Aquarium

I took Josh to the aquarium for the first time!



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