10 things I learned in September

  1. Dates are awesome– and I’m referring to the fruit… I tried dates for the first time this month and am totally in love. De-lish.
  2. Saffron & Rose is our new favorite ice cream place– it’s in “Persian Square” off Westwood and is truly the best ice cream both Nick and I have ever had. Creamy. Unique. And way more natural than standard American ice cream. This is Saffron Pistachio ice cream:
  3. An American (on average) eats 156 lbs of sugar every year- scary right? and 30% of that sugar comes from soda. so bad.
  4. I hate studying by myself– I don’t need “study groups” necessarily, because I’d rather go at my own pace and “get in the zone”… but I really need people studying next to me. It’s more fun that way. AND there’s accountability.
  5. Good pens = happy writing– it’s true. I bought these sharpie pens and they have truly enhanced my note-taking experience.
  6. Occupational Therapy is a life-giving profession– my passion for OT has reignited since resuming grad school. I love that we fight to restore life and function in people. I love that we work with the marginalized…. very parallel to kingdom work.
  7. I hate initiating conflict resolution– yup.
  8. Parks and Rec is a my new favorite show– just started watching this!
  9. Yoga is my ideal workout– started yoga again and I love it. too bad it’s so expensive.
  10. It’s hard not living near family– for many reasons… but what I’ve noticed most heavily is how much easier it would be to have help with Joshua. It’s hard raising a baby without any family around.

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