Disneyland: Why it’s the best, even with a baby!

If you know me (& my husband), you know that we are Disney crazies. Really, we are. And so you can imagine how hard it was to wait eight whole months after having a baby before we got our season passes again.

We waited… and waited…. and waited some more… Then the day finally came! We packed our diaper bag chalk full of anything we could possibly need and off we went to our beloved Disneyland.

And let me tell you… It was incredible. Even with a baby! And dare I say… it was even more fun with a baby? I know you’re thinking “that’s crazy!”… but we truly had the best time.


For convenience sake, I’ve created a short list of tips, tricks & simple “musts” in Disneyland, some for parents of little ones and some for everyone.

Enjoy 🙂
PARENTS: what’s awesome about Disney with a baby

  • You get to go on way more rides than you’re aware of– trust me on this one… I thought for sure there were maybe 2 or 3 rides that were available to us. But boy was I wrong! First of all, there are over 20 rides in Disneyland alone that you can go on with a baby. Even our little family went on 4 rides in 3 hours (including stops to feed and nap!) So you will NOT be short of rides.
  • Enjoy the mommy room– did you know this exists? Right by the corn dogs at the end of main street there’s a beautiful mommy room, where you can nurse your baby, change your baby, heat up bottles… they even have formula, diapers, wipes, you name it! And the staff there is so sweet. Did I mention it’s air conditioned? It makes doing all the “take care of baby” stuff way more fun.
  • Take your time!- we did not realize how rushed we normally feel at Disneyland… running around trying to make it to bunch of rides. But this time we really just relaxed and took our time. You sort of have to due to the frequent stops for feeding and nap time. We absolutely loved making our trip more leisurely.
  • Ask the Disney crew to take pictures for you- this ones for anyone, but definitely for families. Nick and I always get sheepish running around, asking others to take pictures for us. But did you realize there’s a disney crew member by all the “landmarks” you would want to take a picture at? Like in front of main street? In front of sleeping beauty’s castle? Right by the characters? Even though they have their huge professional cameras, just hand them yours and they’ll take it with yours instead 🙂

And here’s a few for everyone:

  • Get that Dole Whip, y’all… my husband tried it for the first time when we went. As you can see, he got a pin that says “My first Dole Whip!” (they have a pin for everything in Disneyland…) He LOVED it. And Nick is a very tough man to please. Especially when he pays $4 for a cup of soft serve. But in the end he claimed he would definitely get it again 🙂


  • World of Color- it’s really worth the sitting around and waiting for an hour, you guys. We watched it for maybe the 20th time last night and once again said “it’s still so good”. There were people standing near us asking, “is this really worth the standing and waiting for almost two hours??”… yes. yes, it is.
  • If you only go once a year, go in the fall/winter– is there anything more joyful and FUN than Disneyland in the fall/winter because of all the magical decor? I think not…
  • Minnie Ears– get those minnie ears, girls. I finally caved. And I’m obsessed.





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