What Andy Bernard Taught Me about Gratitude

The other night was a special one… although I may not have known it, had I let the moment slip by.

We were driving back from Disneyland (it’s still the best)… well, I was driving. My husband and baby boy were asleep. I had put on a Christmas CD (just ‘cause the mood felt right and we’re almost in that season anyway, right ;)?).

I was bored as you can imagine: No one to chat with, no screen to look at, no book to read & another hour of traffic-filled freeway… I began to think.

Initially, my mind was filled with to-do’s for the week: figuring out my grocery list, when to make a dentist appointment, what lectures to study for my exam, etc.

Then, as if it was perfectly timed, a quote popped into my head. You would think it was a bible verse or something Mother Teresa said. Nope… it was random But perfect.

Surprisingly enough, it was an Andy Bernard quote (from “the Office”).

During the last season finale he said:

“I wish there was a way to know that you’re in the “good old days” before you’ve actually left them.”

I know, I know… that sounds really simple and uninspiring. But in that moment, it was exactly what I needed.

Every moment is a blessing. Even the ones that seem trivial. What a treasure to have a quiet moment like this. My family by my side and that constant listening ear from God. Plus, there’s the Christmas music thing and the Disneyland thing… small, but wonderful.

My days feel exhausting sometimes. There’s a lot of poopy diapers and dirty dishes. There’s always a mess in the living room, despite my efforts to tidy every night. But even those are a blessing.

I realized the importance of slowing down and catching my breath. I don’t want to look back one day at moments I have now and think “aw yes. Remember those days when Joshua was a little baby? And Nick and I were so young? Why didn’t I know it then?”

My car ride quickly turned into a “count your blessings” kind of drive.

Every season of life is a blessing. I want and need to remember this.

Once again… I am practicing thankfulness a little bit extra this season with an added discipline: slow down. and be thankful.

What am I grateful for this month?

Moments like this: daddy reading our bubby a bedtime story. that smile.


And this: they nap together.


 Oh and this: Disneyland. Haunted Mansion. Duh.


And of course this: a husband who is also my best friend.



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