10 Things I Learned in October

1. Cupcake Wars is amazing– it’s on Netflix. Originally on the food network. It’s SO good and makes you crave cupcakes… hence #2.

2. Sprinkle’s Cupcakes is amazing– I finally had to try this since the founder of Sprinkles is one of the judges on cupcake wars… AND sprinkles is the first gourmet cupcake shop in America! The original sprinkles cupcakes is in Beverly Hills, which is right by me so I obviously had to go and try the “Black & White”. It was amazing… and I made Nick a believer too 🙂

3. Nightmare Before Christmas is a dark film– I re-watched this for the first time since I was a child and all I learned was that I can’t believe my parents let me watch it as a child.

4. T.S. 1989– go purchase tay tay’s newest album. Trust me. #love


5. Going on facebook less has been a healthy change for me. I asked Nick to change my facebook password so that I can only check it when I ask him to sign in for me. It’s decreased my time on social media ten fold. And I love it.

6. I’m a terrible harry potter fan. Did y’all know that I’ve read all but the last one? I started it months ago and keep putting it off… despite the fact that I literally sped through the first six, I am having an insanely hard time finishing this one… what’s up with that?

7. Half the Sky… I really don’t have the words to describe how much this book is changing my life. If you haven’t already read it or heard about it, definitely check it out.


8. There is a “Tangled” & “Beauty and the Beast” Play at Disneyland. I just learned about this at the start of the month.  It’s in Fantasyland right by the castle… I had NO idea. This is next on my “to-do list”.

9. I’m the “Set” champion– of our household. Have you heard of this game? It’s a card game where you look for patterns… pretty hard actually. Anyway, I’ve been beating Nick quite consistently 🙂

10. Let’s make a deal is a ridiculous game show. That didn’t stop us from going though 🙂 and having an incredible time! #tetris #wefittogether



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