The Many Faces of Tigger

This year was our baby’s first halloween! And needless to say, it turned out much less eventful than anticipated.

Although we had planned to get all dressed up as a family, go trick or treating and pick pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, none of the above happened. Our baby ended up getting a double ear infection 😦 so of course we stayed home with him. no dressing up. no trick or treating and no pumpkins.

But of course I couldn’t let his precious Tigger outfit go to waste… we at least got a photo shoot in 🙂

Here are some fun snapshots from our Baby’s First Halloween!

IMG_4502Surprised/Confused Tigger.

Happy, Daddy-lovin’ Tigger.

Blank Stare Tigger

Joyful Tigger.

Giggly, laughter-filled Tigger.

Momma’s Tigger 🙂 I love my boy.


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