New Year, New Planner

I love it when a new year rolls around. For many reasons of course… but primarily because I get to explore a new planner.

I. Love. Planners.

Although my whole world is switching to technology planners (iCal, google calendars, etc.), I am staying old school on this one. Nothing beats my paper&pen planner. And half the fun for me is finding new planners each year! What types of pages do I want on the inside? What design? Do I want tabs? a lock on the front? Will I go for a huge fancy Kate Spade type planner or a traditional one from the campus bookstore with all necessary school dates penciled in?

If any of you are on the same page as me in regards to planners, here are my two recommendations:

1. May Designs (
price: $22

I ordered mine several weeks ago and I just got it in the mail. So I technically haven’t used it yet, but here are a few reasons why I already love it:

First of all, look at how stunning it is (my initial on it and everything):


And guess who designed this planner? I DID. That’s what’s so great about May Designs. You get to design the planner yourself… you pick the color/pattern scheme on the outside. You pick what you want the front to say (initials, a year, etc.). You get to pick the font. The colors. You even get to pick the pages on the inside. For all you creative folk, this is an awesome way to take part in really customizing your own planner.

The book came out a little thinner than I anticipated, as you can see here:


But that’s okay, because that makes it more compact.

Each book is handmade and you can see the natural binding on the side:


And last but not least, did you know it was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things? Yup. Awesome.

Now on to my second recommendation:

2. Lily Pulitzer Large Agenda (
price: $28 (plus free shipping on the website)

First of all, I used this planner for all of 2014 and absolutely LOVED it. It meets every single one of my planner needs. It has space for notes, a to-do-list, week pages, calendar pages, a built in folder, STICKERS… it’s the best. It is definitely more full than the May Designs planner. I almost wish I had re-gotten this because of all it’s amazing features. But I’m always eager to try something new. This one is definitely worth checking out if you’re a hardcore planner like me 🙂

Also, a little warning (a GOOD warning in my opinion), the designs are super bright and colorful… almost like an adult version of Lisa Frank. Which I love.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.12.09 AM

What planners do you like?


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