Christmas Time for the First Time

This year, the Christmas season feels just a little extra special 🙂 For the FIRST time (& quite possibly, one of the only times), we have been celebrating as a family of 3.


It has been an absolute joy having my sweet baby, Joshua, around during this time of year. I cannot believe how infinitely more exciting and heart-warming this holiday has become with a little angel in my arms. There is so much to be thankful for that I truly don’t have adequate words to describe my overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you, Lord for the best year of my life 🙂

Everything has become a little more fun, such as picture-taking… how can you resist throwing a santa hat on this guy? And having your own personal photo shoot with him? Done and done.


Other traditional christmas events are also more bright with Joshua. His little soul gets so incredibly excited over every new experience and I can’t help but smile when I watch him see something for the first time, such as going to the annual Christmas Tree lighting in our hometown.

IMG_4822   IMG_4821

And naturally with a little one, we have plenty of new questions that are arising. For the first time, we get to create Christmas for our own little family… but there are many aspects of “Christmas” and “family tradition” that need to be sorted out amidst our little home…

Here are the three questions that have arisen for us this holiday season:

1. What new traditions would we like to start?
FINALLY… it’s my opportunity to create fun, exciting traditions in our household. Growing up in  a Persian home, we never really got to create fun christmas traditions, such as building a gingerbread house or making eggnog… I’ve never seen White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life or any of those other traditional Christmas movies. My husband had a similar experience since we’re both “first generation kids”, if you will. I cannot WAIT to start those traditions I’ve always wanted. What will they consist of? I don’t know yet. Definitely a lot of sweets. Oh, and Love Actually.

2. How do we help Joshua appreciate the true meaning of Christmas?
I’ll be the first to admit how hopelessly in love I am with all the frills of Christmas; I’m a total sucker for the decorations, the music, the trees, the chilly weather, the happy films (ahem, love actually), & everything in between. But amidst all the frills, the true meaning of Christmas gets lost. Many children I know (even the Christian ones), have no idea that Christmas is actually the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Nick and I have talked about how crucial it is for Joshua to know that although we love the all the fun things to eat, drink, see & hear, Christmas is more about Jesus than about Santa. The celebration of Jesus coming into this world is infinitely better than Santa & reindeer… But how do instill this truth in him? How can we make this truth about Christmas bigger & more exciting (because it is) than presents and Rudolph? Hmmm… we’re not quite sure what types of traditions to instill with this regard… We have several ideas, but are welcome to hearing more 🙂

3. How can we give back?
Nick and I always talk about ways to give back on Christmas. Whether it’s making a huge donation to a cause we know and love or serving at a soup kitchen downtown, we love the idea of giving back… because that’s where the heart of Christmas really lies. To be perfectly honest, I must sheepishly admit that I’m not sure we’ve ever done these things during this time of year together. With all the distractions of being home and with all the costs of gifts for family & friends, we have the horrible habit of forgetting… forgetting that there are people who are truly needy right here and right now.. and this time of year, the feelings of neediness really seem to amplify. There are no excuses for NOT giving back. And we really want to make this habit. Especially with Joshua. Perhaps this may be another way he learns what the true meaning of Christmas is.


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