Best of 2014

My list of bests for 2014:

Most enjoyed Film: Mockingjay Part I
IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. 1) This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. 2) The president of district 13 is a WOMAN (awesome). 3) Jennifer Lawrence. 4) I couldn’t predict it AT ALL.
I know everyone liked the other movies better, but what can I say… I like what I like.

Most listened to album: Taylor Swift 1989
My husband and I have listened to this through and through… at this point even he can recite the words to nearly every song. Faves on the album are definitely “Blank Space”, “Style”, & “Bad Blood”.


Most Life-Changing book: “Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis
I’ll refrain from going into too much detail… all I’ll say is that “Kisses from Katie” completely ignited my soul for social justice. It’s an autobiography about a girl who moved to Africa after high school, adopted 14 girls, and is still there today running a school and serving the poor. I cried so much while reading it and my heart is still on fire for all the children who live in poverty throughout our world. It opened my eyes and helped me see how much better it is for ME and for the WORLD when I say “yes” to God. Please read it.


Honorable Mention: “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown

Most Fun Purchase: Disneyland Annual Passes
My dream since being a little kid has finally come true.We got passes almost 3 months ago and have already been 7 times. There’s no date night more perfect, no family night more fun than Disneyland. Thanks, Walt, for the most magical spot in LA.


Most Used Purchase: Canon Rebel T3i (our camera)
Not only do I get to explore my eye for photography and establish an outlet for creativity, but I get to capture every single precious moment… in high resolution! like this one 🙂


Most shopped at store: Target
My one shop stop for clothes, baby food, accessories, self-care products, etc.

Most eaten-at food place: Chipotle
Inexpensive and really NOT all that bad for you (especially for a fast food place). Thank you for keeping my husband and I nourished for most of 2014.

Most watched TV show: Parks and Rec
I am now in love with Leslie Knope. I discovered this sometime in September and could not believe I had gone so long without watching it. I was hoping for a show much like the office and I got it :)!

Parks and Recreation - Season 6

Most cooperatively enjoyed TV show (by both me & Nick): Sherlock
It’s absolutely amazing. A little too intense for me to watch on the regular, but seriously… it’s amazing.

Most Used Recipe: Honey Sesame Chicken
This is my go-to “oh hey we’re a few friends over for dinner and need to make something” recipe. It’s absolutely delicious and goes GREAT with rice and green beans (both of which we always have on hand). OH and it’s slow cooker. super easy.

**recipe found here:

What moments have been the most memorable in 2014?
Where can I even begin? I, of course, cannot go without mentioning the birth of my child. And every single milestone that he’s hit.
Moments outside of motherhood include so many celebratory moments, as well as “little” ones. The season that stands out the most has been the fall. I have loved going to Disneyland 7 times in a span of 3 months (one of which includes our incredible anniversary). I also enjoyed going to 2 weddings in a span of 1 week (one of which was my sister-in-law’s). I loved the Christmas season. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Madison. And last, but certainly not least, my birthday was the best I’ve had in about 5 years.


What are you grateful for this year?
Once again, I must instantly say my husband & child. Nothing has been more joyful and healing for my soul than becoming a family of 3. I love the friends we’ve made and the amazing monday night dinners we have had consistently for the past year. I am grateful for mommy friends that help me grow as a mother, a wife & as a child of God. I’m grateful for a baby boy that is filled with immeasurable joy and sleeps through the night. I am grateful for health. I am thankful for the ways I’ve healed in regards to my mother’s passing.


In what ways have you grown this year?
I’m not quite sure honestly… all I know is that my perspective on life feels more mature and full now that I am a mother and have gone through a couple years of marriage. I still, however, have infinitely more room to grow. I have so much to learn about motherhood, marriage, friendship and sacrificial love… this year, although full of joy, was also one in which I realized how selfish I can be and am in desperate need of God’s love & grace.

What are you looking forward to next year?
I am looking forward to growing with God and learning more about who he’s created me to be. I am looking forward to new milestones with Joshua (turning 1), going to greek staff conference, finishing OT school, and going to a taylor swift concert!

Thank you, family, for being my joy this year.



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