The PMT Style Challenge: An invitation

Ok everyone. This is something I’m actually pretty excited about.

If you’ve ever looked at my Pinterest board filled with women’s fashion, you probably think to yourself, “wow… why doesn’t she dress like that?” Well… a few reasons:

1. Clothes are expensive

2. I’m a mom and we often don’t have time or energy to look cute (or maybe it’s just me)

3. I’m never great at putting together the clothing items I already have

But since the new year has started I’ve been feeling pretty energetic about actually getting dressed in the morning and attempting to look somewhat put together (especially now that I’m back in grad school and at an internship).

So here’s something I found to encourage, excite & direct me in my wardrobe adventures:
The PMT Style Challenge from

I happen to know the blogger; she is a wonderful woman AND mother, as well as fashionista (obviously). She is creating a weekly style challenge in order to help us ladies better work our closets and find ways to formulate great outfits from our wardrobe.

**You can find all the info here:

I don’t know if I’ll be posting every week, but this week I decided to fully embrace the challenge and get more people involved if they want in. On my end of it, I’ll be putting my clothes together as fashionably as I possibly can, and also as inexpensively as I possibly can (just FYI most of my clothes are from Target or Ross). Join me, will you?

Week 1: Wear a Dress

IMG_5600 IMG_5606

Cardigan: Ross ($8)
Scarf: Target ($10 on Clearance)
Leggings: Victoria’s Secret (free with my other purchase)
Dress, Boots & Socks: from so long ago that I can’t even remember (>4 years old)


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