Joshua’s First Birthday

My baby boy turned 1 yesterday and I cannot believe it. What a precious and joyful year it has been.



I cannot believe how blessed Nick and I have been this year to have had such incredible friends and family to surround us during our first year as parents.

I have lost count of how many times our friends have babysat Joshua for us so that we can have a date night (even when he was merely 2 weeks old). I have lost count of the amount of meals that have been made to keep nick and I nourished (mostly during the early months) when Joshua was a newborn. Friends that prayed for us, sat with us, encouraged us and celebrated with us after each new milestone was hit. Although we don’t have our biological family here to help us out with this whole parenting gig, we certainly have one heck of a spiritual family. And I am truly blessed by each and every one of you for being here for us this year.

And Joshua… what can I say about Joshua.

My sweet boy… How can I put into words how much you’ve changed me? And Nick? And our marriage? In some ways, I feel that God sent you here just to change us… and to change the world one day.

You are full of joy, laughter & kindness. You are loving and affectionate. Even at the age of 1, I can see an optimism in you. A joy for all the little things. I can tell you are going to be a sweet, deep, loving and intelligent man one day. And I am blessed that, out of all the women in the world, God chose me to be your mom.

But regardless of all of your joy, love & all that other stuff… We love you unconditionally. I know one day there may be rebellion or backtalk or anger or meanness. I am already preparing for the tantrums, the food battles & the sleepless nights that all moms remind me are still to come… Despite all these things, just know you are always loved, my son. By your parents & (more importantly) by Jesus.


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