10 Things I learned in January

1. Anthropologie candles are the best. My dad noticed me oo-ing and awe-ing over these candles at the store, so he bought me one for Christmas. I can’t rave enough about how good it smells and about how quickly it makes our apartment smell like a dream.


2. I am officially a red wine person. Over the past couple months, I’ve been having a glass of red wine several times a week in the evening, in hopes of bettering my health (it’s a real thing) and learning about the different types of red wine. I decided my favorite is cabernet sauvignon. And I officially prefer it over white wine 🙂

3. I need my alone time. Before I had a baby, I was a huge extravert. Now, when my baby goes to sleep at night, I really only have snippets of time to myself and to relax. Like tonight, for example… I am sitting on my couch (alone), in my PJs, with a glass of red wine, laptop in hand, AND “Made of Honor” (chick flick) is playing in the background… I couldn’t be happier.

4. Nick & I are really great together. It’s no secret that our first year of marriage was full of ups & downs. Getting pregnant, learning how to communicate & adjusting to living together in a new city took up a lot of our time and energy. But now that we’ve figured most of our stuff out, life together has been nothing short of incredible. I feel unbelievably lucky to have found someone I mesh so well with and who I truly feel is my perfect match.


5. I can’t do Disneyland after a long day. We tried. We ended up forcing ourselves to go on one ride, then got tired and went home.

6. I want to work in a hospital. I always thought I was set on pediatric therapy, but after spending a few weeks in an acute care class and interning at the hospital with older adults, I absolutely love it. Actually, it may be my favorite internship yet… I may have found my occupational therapy nitch 🙂

7. Amazon Trade-in is awesome. I just discovered this! They take all my old textbooks in exchange for an amazon gift card. How great is that?!

8. I don’t like Chris Soules as ‘the bachelor’. I might get in trouble for saying this, but I think I prefer Juan Pablo over him. At least Juan Pablo was entertaining. Chris Soules is kind of boring… and doesn’t seem to have any real conversations with the women.

9. Stylebook keeps me trendy. I can’t go into too much detail about this app right now because it will take forever, but it is amazing if you’re into fashion and coordinating your outfits. I have had so much fun with this… Even Nick thought it was awesome!


10. I hope I always live in community. Nick and I are talking about potentially moving at the end of this school year to a bigger place… but that would also mean leaving an apartment complex where four of our other friends are also living. I’m not quite sure how we’ll adjust to living without community… but it would be great if we didn’t have to 🙂 We love being around friends.


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