10 Things I learned in February

1. Nick’s an amazing cook. He started getting into cooking recently (watching Gordon Ramsay videos all the time) and I absolutely LOVE this new habit. We’ve been so good in the Kwok house.


That’s Nick making us delicious Korean Beef.

2. Galentine’s Day > Valentine’s Day. I must admit that nick and I actually did not celebrate valentine’s day this year because he was at a conference during that weekend. I, instead, had a wonderful girly Galentine’s Day sleepover with one of my dearest friends that included PJ’s, wine, Bridget Jone’s Diary & tons of pillow talk.

3. Communal Prayer is powerful. I’ve always known this.. but recently, I have begun praying with my community more and it has been incredible to see the way God is moving in all of us.

4. I hate this season of ‘The Bachelor’. Ok, I know I said some version of this last month… but now it’s confirmed.

5. I was pretty impressed by that modern family episode. Did anyone else see the modern family episode that was filmed exclusively via iPhone and iPad? It was AWESOME.

6. I need to find a solid workout routine. like… right now. Confession: I have not worked out since having Josh (eek!). I’ve gotta figure something out with my crazy schedule. Suggestions are welcome!

7. My child is officially a ‘toddler’ and not a baby. Whattt?? I cannot believe it. I CANNOT believe how big my son is.


8. I can’t get into ‘New Girl’. I have tried so many times to get into this since all my friends love this show. And it appears as if it would be my perfect show… super light-hearted and girly and funny. But I just can’t get into it, you guys.

9. The Soy Creamer at Trader Joe’s is the best. I officially cannot have my coffee with anything else.


10. I long to see revival in L.A. This month was the first time I felt a true love and compassion for this city (that has now become MY city). L.A. is full of brokenness … and has a crazy dichotomy of both extreme poverty and excessive wealth. I know God wants to renew this city and I am eager to be a part of that.


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