The 30-day Yoga Challenge

As I’ve been trying to find ways to ease back into working out, I have found a routine that has (so far) been working wonderfully for me.

A few days ago, I attempted to start my “Yoga Studio App”, which I have done before and loved. But somehow the app was being funky with our Apple TV. So I went onto YouTube and found “The 30-day Yoga Challenge”.


It’s slow-paced, it’s at home, it’s FREE, it’s structured, it’s yoga & the workouts are anywhere from 15-30 minutes each. Perfect for a mom and exactly what I’m looking for.

Join me will you?

PS… There are two “30 day yoga challenges”. One is with Erin Motz & the other is with Adriene Michler (the latter appears to be a bit more rigorous, but both are not very intense). I am partaking in the less rigorous one. But both seem good.

Here is day 1 of the yoga challenge I am participating in (also found at


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