Disneyworld: Our EPCOT trip in photographs

Nick & I spent a full day at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida! We went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I loved both, but could not possibly fit it into one post, so I am splitting it up into two.

I decided to start with Epcot because it is my favorite.

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love other countries and learning different languages (I speak four (ish)!). Epcot was an ideal place for me. There weren’t that many rides, unfortunately . But there’s really really no room for complaint. I only wish we could have spent another day there.

IMG_5857 IMG_5852
ere’s the well-known Epcot ball. It was ENORMOUS and reminded me (surprisingly) of the Chicago bean.

Here’s Joshua, ready for a fun day in the sun at Epcot! (how cute is his mohawk?)

Mexico: The first place we went to; Felt so real and pristinely done. My favorite part was this replica of the Mayan Ruins. When you go inside, you feel, truly as if you are on the streets of downtown Puerto Vallarta (or any Spanish-speaking country). The coolest part, for me, was a restaurant inside the “Mayan Ruins” that felt so romantic, the San Angelo Inn Restaurant (the second picture below).



IMG_5880 IMG_5882

Norway: Norway was intriguing; there was a cafe selling Norwegian coffee, which is what this section was known for. However, what stuck out to me was a sweet little museum like store that depicted all of the inspiration for “Frozen”. Little did I know that they used real life landscapes, churches & scenes from Norway landmarks in order to create the fictional town of Arendelle.


IMG_5867Queen Else & Princess Anna

China: China was beautiful, colorful and reminded me so much of my husband’s family, who moved here from Hong Kong before he was born. I kept thinking how much they would love it.


Germany: Germany was one of my favorites. They had bratwurst, of course, and they also sold beer steins (that were astonishingly expensive).


IMG_5923 IMG_5920

Japan: I felt surprisingly peaceful in Japan. It was so unbelievably beautiful with it’s lush koi garden. (Bonus: they sold sushi & mochi here)


France: Without question, my favorite country spot. It was breath-taking and reminded me so much of Paris (which I have not been too in 11 years). There was a stunning French restaurant, crepes, & this beautiful fountain, which Nick and I posed in front of.


IMG_5960And of course, here is Belle & Beast, as they are French 🙂

Concluding Thoughts:

Our family loved Epcot. Joshua is still too young to really enjoy it, but we love taking him anyway. We loved our time together. Thank you, Disney, for an awesome visit 🙂




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