Start Reading Again (& Enhance Your Reading Experience)

I have incessantly been blogging about how much I’ve loved picking up the habit of reading for pleasure again. There is nothing that makes Joshua’s nap as relaxing as curling up to a good book with a cup of coffee.


As a mom, it hasn’t been easy maintaining habits or hobbies that I love. But I’m glad I picked up this one (& have kept it for the past several months). I thought I’d write out a few things that helped me keep reading… maybe it will help you too.

  1. Get a Library Card
    I cannot tell you how much money I’ve saved by getting a library card to the Los Angeles Public Library. It’s opened me up to a plethora of books. There are 73 branches of the L.A. public library. Five of these libraries are within ten minutes of my apartment. If I am ever in need of a book, I simply look it up online and see if it’s at any of the 73 branches. If it’s far away, I call and have it transferred to one of the libraries closest to me and pick it up within a couple days. So easy. So cheap. So time-efficient.
  2. Make a Reading List
    I made a 2015 Spring reading list of books that interest me and it’s helped me keep track of what I want to read and has also given me a tangible goal/ schedule.
  3. Keep Track of What You Read: or the Goodreads app
    Apparently, this is a thing. But I just discovered it recently! You can keep track of books that you’ve read, books that you’re in the middle of reading, and what you plan on reading in the future. It has all books stalked virtually (kind of like amazon) so you can look up what books are best suited for what you’re looking for and you can see what your friends recommend (I was surprised by how many of my friends are on this site!). You can also rate books you liked and didn’t like, which helps the site make recommendations that better fit your preferences.


What’s on my nightstand right now:

  • Maisie Dobbs- I finally picked up a mystery novel and absolutely love the main character in this one & the strong female lead. It starts a little slow, but picks up after the first quarter of the book.
  • Hello, Darling- I know, I know…. who still reads magazines? Well let me tell you (moms), this magazine is amazing. It’s a magazine all about motherhood and is published by MOPS International (mothers of preschoolers). A lady sitting next to me on our plane to Florida gave me her copy and insisted I read it. Let me tell you, I read it for over an hour and I absolutely loved it and am so grateful she gave me hers to keep. It has topics I know every mom can relate to. Don’t want to buy the hard copy? Just follow their blog:


  • Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore- a friend gave me this book a while ago but I just started reading it. It’s helped me better understand the power of scripture (especially in prayer) & how to start really incorporating God’s word into your daily prayer life.

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