Confessions of a Mom: “Is this normal?”

Here’s my first mommy confession: I don’t know what’s normal.

Half the time I’m with my son, I really and truly do not know if my experiences in parenting are of the norm or totally out of whack.


Whether it’s realizing that Joshua just tore off his bandaid and ate it, or simply feeling utterly overwhelmed with life, I often feel desperate for assurance from other mothers to remind me that I’m not crazy.

When you’re a young mom, you’re more often than not, trailblazing the path of motherhood for all your other friends. It’s exhausting needing to figure stuff out on your own. And it’s vital to find some mommy friends to walk with you on this journey.

Mommy confessions:

  • Sometimes I’ll leave Josh in the pack ‘n play with a bunch of toys for 20 minutes while I get some work/cleaning done around the apartment.
  • I don’t have much of an issue with Josh eating food that has fallen on the floor.
  • I feel less sharp than I used to be (pre-baby).
  • I love my son SO much that I really can’t imagine how my heart will have the capacity to love the rest of my kids. Does your heart literally just explode with love?
  • I feel tired almost all the time.
  • Despite that… I hate it when people tell me how tired I look.
  • I still feel somewhat insecure about being such a young mom (lies like “you’re too young and immature for this” creep their way in sometimes… I know they’re not true).
  • I am constantly praying for God to help me surrender my mommy-control issues over to him. Josh is God’s son first.
  • I miss having frequent and accessible one-on-one time with Nick.
  • I love having a toddler because that means I can obsess over Disney as much as I want and pretend like I love it for Josh (teehee).

FullSizeRender-4 IMG_4639

  • I really wish I knew more moms to talk to and pray with.
  • I don’t know where I end & Joshua begins (& vice versa). My identity gets way too intertwined with motherhood.

That’s about all the vulnerability I can put into one post.

All this to say, that I think us mama’s have to stick together. I love my single friends, but I also need mom friends to walk this crazy journey with me and remind me that it’s okay to feel exhausted. It’s okay to mess up. We have all been there.

I’m extremely grateful that I joined a moms group once I had Josh. I hope that I always have mothers around me to talk and pray with. If this post is anything, it’s a reminder and push for moms to start meeting, being vulnerable with each other, & praying for one another and each other’s kids together. It’s invaluable.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Mom: “Is this normal?”

  1. tarakayeclarke says:

    Beautiful post. I feel the exact same as you! Pretty much all your points relate to how I am feeling. Letting my son eat food that has fallen on the floor is a given – germs are good!

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