Clean Eating (March 2015)

During one of my MOPS meetings (about a year ago), we had one of the moms talk about nutrition & how to find food that’s more wholesome for ourselves and our kids. This woman had a master’s in nutrition and was also a licensed dietician, so I’m going to give her total credibility here.

There are two points she made about grocery shopping that really stuck out to me and, to this day, has completely changed the way I look at packaged food.

1. Make sure that every ingredient on the label is recognizable to the average grandparent.

2. If any packaged food item has more than 5 ingredients, it is considered “once in a while food” (aka junk food).

WOW, right? That means those nature valley granola bars you love so much are actually considered junk… crazy. Here are some ways I’ve attempted to eat more wholesome foods (every item on this list abides by the two points mentioned above):

  • For my morning: Plain Greek Yogurt w/granola
    You have to be careful with this one because flavored greek yogurt ends up adding 10 g of sugar on average per serving, which is crazy. Use plain greek yogurt and add granola, fruits or even honey to sweeten it up. yogurt
  • For my sweet tooth: Dates
    Delicious, healthy and hits that sweet craving.
  • For my salty snack: Plantain Chips
    This is my new favorite snack from Trader Joe’s. The only ingredients are plantains, salt & sunflower seed oil. They taste amazing and are much healthier than potato chips. (oh and it’s only $1.69 for the package)

    plantain chips

  • To go with dinner: Lentils
    Also another trader joe’s favorite, this is the perfect dinner addition for the whole family (including joshua). It’s healthy and packed with flavor, especially if you cook it the way the package suggests (with chicken broth or vegetable broth & white wine).


**Side note for sweet coffee lovers: Natural Bliss Coffee Creamer
So this obviously can’t be considered healthy, but I think it makes a decent substitute for all the other sugary creamers. Of course plain old milk or half&half is probably best. However, for those of you that are used to sweet creamers, this is probably your best bet. The only ingredients in this creamer are milk, heavy cream, sugar & vanilla. Most of the other creamers are packed with ingredients you won’t recognize.



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