My Word for 2015: Courage

This year, my friends and I decided that, instead of resolutions, we would each pick one word that we want our year to be defined by. The simplicity of one word, we hope, will be more effective than a resolution… to be remembered and exuded in everything we do.

For 2015, my word is courage.


I know we’re a few months into the new year, but I finally began making my collage today (what you see above) that I will put up on my bedroom wall to remind myself to be courageous. It will also remind me of the things I desire for this year… things as little as reading, journaling, yoga, coffee & bubble baths… things as big as being vulnerable, loving my husband sacrificially, parenting my son whole-heartedly, and leading where I feel called to lead.

More than anything, I realized it’s going to take courage to become the person God’s created me to be.

  • I want the courage to be creativetry things that I’ve never done before.
  • I want the courage to be me in every situation without fear of what others might think.
  • I want the courage to initiate reconciliation & conflict resolution (I’m terrible at this).
  • I want the courage to parent my son whole-heartedly without concern of how others might do it.
  • I want the courage to ask for what I want & to stop apologizing for things I don’t need to be sorry for.
  • I want the courage to make time for myself and pursue hobbies I love.
  • I want the courage to share my faith with anyone & everyone I interact with.
  • I want the courage to speak up against injustice & allow my voice to be heard.
  • I want the courage to lead where I feel called to lead.
  • I want the courage to be firm in my decision-making, without looking back.
  • I want the courage to forgive whenever I feel wronged.
  • I want the courage to obey God’s voice when I hear it.

What word do you want to define your year by?


2 thoughts on “My Word for 2015: Courage

  1. Pam says:

    I love this Natalia. Courage is an amazing word that filters into ever area of our lives. We need courage to face the truth, the struggles, the challenges of life and maintain our integrity. Your doing a great job and your courage is showing! God bless you!

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