Everything I Love Right Now (March 2015)

What I’m Reading:

  • The Thousand Dollar Tan-line by Rob Thomas
    A mystery novel that is part of the new “Veronica Mars” series in books. This is the first installment and I have absolutely loved it so far. It’s definitely my kind of mystery. Not overly intense or violent, but certainly intriguing and a page-turner.

veronica mars

  • Biblical Healing and Deliverance by Chester Kylstra & Betsy Kylstra
    Just started this book with my church and so excited to learn more about God’s power in healing people.

biblical healing

What I’m Listening to:

  • (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack
    I recently re-watched the film and almost forgot about how incredible the music is. I dug up the soundtrack I bought years ago and began listening to it again.

What Brought Me Joy:

  • Pi Day
    Yay for Pi Day (March 14th!) and for celebrating anything and EVERYTHING with friends. We had a Pi potluck and will definitely be doing this again in the future. (PS I of course made the whipped cream sprinkles one on the bottom left)


  • Bubble Baths
    Our resort in Orlando, Florida (where we went for my spring break) had a whirlpool bubble bath. I spent every day in it relaxing and reading. I need one in my future home.
  • World of Color
    Nick and I saw this again after it’s 3-month hiatus! The show is still the same, but (as usual) still worth the 2 hour wait. We always leave in awe.


  • Matcha Green Tea Latte (at Starbucks)
    It’s amazing.


What I’m Watching:

  • Fresh off the Boat
    My husband and I are obsessed. It’s so funny. He can relate a lot. And I LOVE that it’s set in the 90’s!
  • Lizzie McGuire
    Um… sometimes I need a break from the real world. So yes, I watch Lizzie Mcguire episodes because it makes me happy 🙂 (and yes, all the episodes are free online)
  • TED Talk: “The Price of Shame”- Monica Lewinski
    Everyone go watch this. It’s kind of like the gospel (but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post)

New Discoveries:

  • Amazon Prime Pantry
    Sort of like grocery shopping online, but better. You pay for the box (huge) and then just stuff as much as you can in it. The box is $5.99, but the stuff is generally cheaper than at the store. We got stuff like toilet paper, diapers, wipes, etc. It turns out a bit cheaper than going to Target. Have only done it once so far, so we’ll probably give it another go to see if that always holds true.


  • Jamberry Nail Wraps
    Ok, so I actually haven’t tried it yet, but saw it on a bunch of girls and thought it was SO pretty and fun. It’s nail polish (sort of) that stays on for a long time and doesn’t chip (kind of like Shelac) except it’s way better for your nails. Want to try it with me?

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