10 Things I learned in March

1. When Josh & I are sick at the same time, I’m out of commission for the week.
Josh and I were sick for about a week and it was a total catastrophe (ok, I’m being dramatic… but I literally got nothing done. nothing.)

2. I love bubble baths.
During our stay in Orlando, Nick spent everyday in meetings. We stayed in a room with a HUGE bathtub (plus jets). I would sit, relax, even read in the bubble bath for the duration of Josh’s nap everyday. It was unbelievably blissful.

3. Nick will probably be the “fun parent”.
I mean… how can he not be?


4. God cares about even the really little things.
Funny story: Nick and I lost our appleTV remote for about 3 weeks. We literally TORE APART our couches and looked in every nook and cranny of our living room and couldn’t find it. So finally… I decided to call on the big guy (after weeks of not watching TV) and prayed that the appleTV remote would somehow miraculously appear in our couch (even though we tore it apart 80 times). And low and behold, I lifted the cushion and there it was. Thank you, God, for answering even the tiniest, silliest prayers.

5. Nick & I are surprisingly NOT cultured.
For a first generation Persian woman and first generation Chinese man, we surprisingly know very little about our cultures. Chinese New Year AND Persian New Year happened over the past couple months and we did nothing to celebrate. That’s all going to change next year. We want Josh to know his ancestry!

6. The Starbucks in Downtown Disney is the prettiest one I’ve ever been to.
Everytime I go, I wish it was closer to us.

FullSizeRender-7  FullSizeRender-8

7. Joshua loves other babies (maybe too much).
I’ve started noticing recently that Joshua approaches pretty much any baby, toddler or child he sees. And tries to hug them. This generally scares other children. Except in rare cases when the other child is just as social as Josh 🙂 I wonder where he gets all that extraversion from… Maybe his parents 😉

8. Nutella is worth the money.
Bought this on Amazon Prime Pantry because it was $3.30 (a dollar less than at the store). I always forget how good it is until I taste it again. It’s the best. Europeans are brilliant.


9. Graham cracker crust from scratch.
Made a graham cracker crust from scratch for pie day! Always make pie crust from scratch! It was pretty spectacular… and the only ingredients are graham cracker crumbs and butter.

10. I want to pierce my nose again.
I had a nose piercing for years, but it got infected & closed up about a year before I got married. I just realized that I want to pierce it again… any thoughts?


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