Confessions of a Mom: Things I Secretly Love

  • 7 PM
    Joshua’s current bedtime. Sometimes Nick and I will have a countdown running in our heads… true story.
  • Nap time 
    The only time I get work done during the day.
  • When Joshua’s hair sticks up in the morning (like alfalfa) 

FullSizeRender-13 FullSizeRender-14

  • Joshua being biracial
    Isn’t it pretty cool to see so much culture seeped into one little person? I love that he is a part of two cultures that typically don’t blend (Persian and Chinese). He gets to be fully Persian, Chinese and American all at the same time. And we get to celebrate every part of who he is.
  • Joshua’s cousins being biracial
    I always wondered if he would feel left out on either the Persian end or the Asian end for not feeling fully one or the other. So I love that we have so much multi-ethnicity on both sides of the family. I guess we’re you’re modern American family 🙂
  • Disney Toys
    For mom, I MEAN Joshua. I can’t help it… I love little kid Disney stuff. Sometimes when we’re at Disneyland (which may be a little too often), I’ll go into the stores and make note of stuff I want… and then remember to mark it as a potential gift for Joshua’s birthday (woopsy). I’m half-kidding… ish.
  • When Joshua falls asleep in my arms.
    This is like winning the lottery. He never does this anymore… but on rare occasions when he does (like in a plane… or if he happens to wake up really early in the morning), it feels like I’ve died and gone to heaven.


  • When I go over to a mom friends house and it’s messy (like mine).
    I love it when people keep their places as is when others come over. It seriously takes so much pressure off of everyone. It’s nearly impossible to keep your place spotless with a kid… you have toys EVERYWHERE. I love it when moms just let their places look as they should… well-lived in and well-loved.
  • When friends come over to play with/feed/take care of Josh.
    Thank you to all of our incredible friends for helping out with Josh. It truly feels like family.
  • When Joshua says ‘mama’.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love it when he says anything. But there’s something about ‘mama’ that melts my heart.
  • When there’s a changing station in the men’s bathroom.
    Nothing says progressive like placing a changing station in a men’s bathroom (you won’t believe how rare this is). Let’s give dads the ability to change their kids if necessary… they’re parents too.



3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Mom: Things I Secretly Love

  1. clover0121 says:

    I can relate especially the countdown on bedtime and changing station in the men’s bathroom. My favorite word from the little one is “amo” which is short for “te amo” or I love you. Melts my heart!

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