Happy Things

Today felt like a “Happy Things” post kind of day. I have a crazy week coming up and may need a tiny break from thinking about the hard things to think about the happy things 🙂

1. Tea Party at Minnie’s House
I discovered this for the first time at Disneyland (it’s in Toon Town) and I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I think all I really want is to have a tea party at Minnie’s house (this is literally what this is supposed to be). Maybe for my next birthday.


2. Urth Cafe & Pretty Latte’s
The cutest little breakfast place I’ve ever seen and also the tastiest red tea latte I’ve ever had (nay, the only red tea latte i’ve ever had). This place made me so joyful for several reasons. It was delicious (my breakfast tasted like Italy). It was beautiful (a quaint little spot in Beverly Hills). And I can definitely do my reading there.


3. Cooking shows
I grew up watching these so maybe that’s why it brings me such joy. Nick’s been watching a lot of Gordon Ramsay videos AND we can’t get enough of master chef junior (cutest show ever, by the way).

4. My coffee place
You know when you finally find a coffee place that you love? One that is super close to where you live, has great service and has a beautiful view when you look outside? Yup. I found mine 🙂


5. Foggy mornings
Like today. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

6. Family Time
We had a ton of family visit us this month and it made me unbelievably grateful for ours. There’s nothing quite like being  with family.


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