West L.A. Finds- Coffee & Breakfast

1. Urth Cafe (Beverly Hills)
Stars: 5/5
Cost: $$
Review: This was, in complete honesty, one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. There’s a reason why the line is so long. I ordered the Poach Di Parma, which tasted exactly like a dish I had in Florence, Italy. And the red tea latte was both beautiful and delicious. I could not rave enough about this place. The atmosphere was cozy and there are so many options for food, that they are bound to have something for everyone.

IMG_4896  FullSizeRender-19

2. Nespresso (Beverly Hills)
Stars: 4/5
Cost: $$$
Review: There are three reasons why I’m encouraging you to check out Nespresso. 1. The coffee was delicious and it is (apparently) in the top 2% of gourmet coffees in the world. 2. There are only six Nespresso places in the US (NY, SF, Chicago, LA… I can’t remember the other two). 3. If you go to the back, they gladly offer you free coffee ‘samples’ which are actually real-sized cups of coffee. It is so tasty and you can pick your roast or even your flavor. And then you can go sit and enjoy it at the counter. It was fun and delicious and, in this case, very inexpensive… despite how high class this place is.

IMG_4927 IMG_4930

3. Copenhagen Pastries (Culver City)
Stars: 5/5
Cost: $
Review: Nick and I were blown away by this hidden gem right by our apartment. We decided to check it out because of the exceedingly high reviews on yelp. It did NOT disappoint. Be sure to order the “Copenhagen” and the “Kringle”. Top notch.


4. C & M Cafe (Palms)
Stars: 4/5
Cost: $
Review: We walked here because it’s so close by. It is hidden and small, but the food is truly bursting with flavor. Everything is made fresh to order, and I mean everything. When you walk in there is a sign up that says, “Quality food takes time, so please be patient for your order”, which I appreciated. And when you taste the food, there’s no doubt about it that it’s fresh. I got the “Wake Up Call”, which I gobbled up in about a minute and I also tasted my friends Chai Tea Latte, which may have been one of the best ones I’ve ever had. Oh and a side note, C & M stands for Chicken & Monkey… pretty adorable.


5. Intelligensia (Venice)
Stars: 5/5
Cost: $$$ (for coffee)
Review: Well… $5.50 for a cup of coffee is pretty steep. So I decided to get the $4.50 latte (because who wouldn’t get a latte when it’s cheaper than the coffee). It was actually so good that I didn’t want to do anything other than sit and enjoy it. My dad and I were both in awe as we were drinking our lattes (& please note the fabulous latte art). This is known to be one of the best coffee places in LA and is a ‘hipster joint’.



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