Reasons My Son Cried

My son was a little ridiculous last week, so I couldn’t help but post all the reasons why he broke into tears… They’re pretty hilarious. I cut him some slack since he’s 14 months old.


(there’s my son looking like a boss)

Reasons Why My Son Cried Last Week:

  • I wouldn’t let him lick the bottom of my shoe.
  • I left him with my dad for 30 seconds and went to the bathroom. (Just to paint you a picture, he lied on the floor just outside the bathroom door sobbing)
  • I left him at the children’s church on Sunday (I really hope this one changes soon!)
  • I wouldn’t let him throw his dinner on the floor.
  • I tried to make him kiss my cheek.
  • I wouldn’t let him eat a cheerio that he found under our couch. (gross, I know… it’s hard to keep track of all the cheerios, trust me!)
  • I put him down for a nap.
  • I put him in the pack ‘n play.
  • He woke up… At 6 am.
    (I can’t blame him for this one… sometimes I want to cry when I wake up that early too)
  • I wouldn’t let him run into the middle of the street without holding my hand.
  • I wouldn’t let him eat my cookie. (mama needs her cookie. Josh can have his own baby cookie)

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