10 Things I Learned in April (2015)

1. Joshua needs a haircut.
But I don’t know where or how or by whom… I may just do it myself (although Nick is strongly opposed to this). Any suggestions from current parents about toddler’s first haircut?

Looks like it’s about that time.

2. You know that thing where you put a water-damaged electronic in a tub of rice to try and save it? It actually works!
To put it succinctly, Josh threw Nick’s iPad into his bath tub (it was filled with water). I grabbed it immediately and placed it in our bag of rice (fully covering the iPad). We turned it on the next day and it was working perfectly!

3. You can get your burrito pressed at chipotle.
I haven’t done this yet, but someone just told me this and I am dying to try it.

4. Clothes really need to be tried on before taken home.
At least for my husband… he thought he grabbed a Men’s medium at church, when I insisted it was a women’s medium. Guess I was right 😉 #wifeysalwaysright


5. I love going back to my Persian roots.
And I need to partake in more Persian events in LA. Westwood is the Persian capital of America. Did you know that? Filled with Persian food, shops, events, organizations, entertainment, you name it. And yet I have not done a single cultural thing since living here. That will have to change.

6. Disney hats are where its at.
I mean… come on. How cute is this? Too bad he’ll only keep it on just long enough for me to take the picture.


7. ‘The Hunger Games’ is real life.
I took my dad to Rodeo Drive when he was visiting and the only thing I could think was, “we are in district 1 right now… the hunger games is real life!” The book, although fantastical, really does make a statement about how our society is today. I knew that theoretically, but felt exceedingly aware of it as I was standing in one of the world’s richest shopping centers, wondering why places like this exist when so many other places are severely lacking resources. Something to think about.

8. It’s really hard for me to enjoy fancy things.
I can’t help it. See #7.

9. E.l.f. makeup is spectacular.
I’ll write another blogpost on this, but my current favorite drugstore make-up finds are from Target’s brand, ‘E.l.f.’. Their eyeshadow, liner & face powder is seriously incredible (could pass for the high-end stuff, if you ask me).


10. Where are all my Rom Coms at? 
No, but really… what happened? There were so many AMAZING romantic comedies from the 90’s/ early 2000’s (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Love Actually, Legally Blond, etc.). There hasn’t been a single good rom com in a really long time… sad.

love actually
A scene from love actually with Keira Knightley. I’m a sucker for this stuff.


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