Everything I Love Right Now (May 2015)


  • The Bachelorette
    I know I said I was going to boycott it after this new ‘two bachelorettes’ idea… and although I still don’t approve of it, I can’t help but be so into this show. And I am dying to find out who it’s gonna be. Mondays at 8 on ABC.


  • Cinderella
    Nick & I (yes… both of us) were absolutely blown away by this movie. I think I thought to myself at one point, “this has everything I want in a movie.” Go see it. I’m convinced it has something for everyone.



  • Capsule Wardrobe
    It has only been a few weeks but I cannot believe I did not do this sooner. I love having only 32 wardrobe items in my closet and I am determined to keep it this way from here on out (& probably adjusting the items every 3-4 months). If you’re interested in starting “project 333” or the capsule wardrobe, look it up! (or read my blog post on it)


  • ‘Tiny Prints’- Personalized Notepads
    I have two (as you can see) and I am obsessed. It adds a little touch of happy to my desk 🙂 And a side note, I actually ended up not paying for either of these because Tiny Prints gives out amazing coupons!


  • Date Night In
    The BEST (because we’re lazy sometimes). We order dominoes pizza (we each get our own medium sized pizza & make it just the way we like) and then we put josh down, open a bottle of wine & watch either a movie we’re dying to see or the latest episode of ‘Shark Tank’.


  • Scrubs (the clothing item, not the TV show)
    I cannot believe how lucky I am to go to work in PJ’s. Because that’s what scrubs are (essentially). And better yet… I don’t even have to think about how to dress when I wake up in the morning. I just throw them on and go. I am actually amazed at what a ‘game changer’ this is, in terms of getting a good start to the day.


  • Rodeo Drive
    I realized recently how much I love strolling down rodeo drive (specifically that little portion that was featured on ‘Pretty Woman’). It’s not because I’m into fancy things (I’m really really not), but because it reminds me so much of Europe. And it’s beautiful.

FullSizeRender-41 FullSizeRender-42

  • Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration
    It’s happening this weekend! They will be blingin’ out the whole park & creating new versions of all the shows just for this event. I cannot wait to experience it.


  • Korean BBQ
    We had this for the first time when family came into town. It was a part of the celebratory graduation weekend. And now… we. are. obsessed.


  • Nutella Toast & London Fog Latte
    At ‘La Boulange’ in Northern California, they serve nutella FOR FREE. So when we were up last weekend for mother’s day, I got everything I love in a breakfast: nutella toast and a London Fog Latte (earl grey tea steeped in milk with vanilla).



  • Boyce Avenue
    “I’m Not the Only One”
    “Thinking Out Loud”
    “Thousand Years”
  • Hilary Duff- “sparks”
    Not gonna lie, you guys, I’m really into her new music video…

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