10 Things I Learned in May (2015)

1. My son is a wild-child and our place is not baby-proof.
Which is a very dangerous combination. This is an example of what happens when I look away for two seconds.


2. Nick looks way older than me.
Or maybe this ‘robot’ is totally flawed… But I had fun with this for a while.


3. I’m dreading June 4th.
Because that is when our disneyland passes officially DO NOT work for the following 3 months. yeesh.

4. The book is always better than the movie.
“Water for Elephants” was one of the best books I’ve read. To be fair, I’ve never seen the movie… but I cannot imagine any film doing this book justice. Just goes to show… you can’t always put beautiful literary fiction on the screen.

5. There are benefits to being a mama OT.
I get to work on so many of Joshua’s fine motor skills! This is a toy we’ve been spending some time with 🙂


6. I can get excited about a sporting event if I really want to.
Here’s how: If it’s getting global attention. If all my friends are really into it. If there’s a lot of social media hype. If there’s a social event where I get to watch it and eat food and hangout with people. What was it for me last month? Manny vs. Pacquiao… I was ALL IN. for once.


7. We can’t always get our son to do what we want.. no matter how hard we try
Nick and I desperately attempted to get Joshua to sleep during our plane ride. We kept him up beforehand, hoping he would tire out… timing everything so that the plane time could also be, ‘nap time’. But no… of course our son falls asleep the second we land at our destination.


8. Handmade snail mail gifts are the best.
Who DOESN’T love getting a surprise package in the mail? here’s a sweet handmade baby quilt from my cousin!


9. I want to explore LA.
We live in one of the world’s most famous and ‘happening’ cities. We need to explore all the places we haven’t been yet! This past week, we checked out the LACMA. Any suggestions for where we should go next?

10. I love working at a nursing home.
I am shocked and excited to report that I have, so far, loved my summer fieldwork at a skilled nursing facility (which I was totally nervous about). I love the old folks 🙂


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