West L.A. Finds- Gourmet Burgers

In case you haven’t already figured it out, Nick & I have decided three things:

A) We are on a “Best of YELP” food find! We plan on going to all the most reviewed & best reviewed food places on Yelp in West L.A.

B) Los Angeles has the best food. the BEST food.

C) Los Angeles does burgers really really well.

So there you have it. We will be on a food craze for the next year or so, exploring all the food there is in this city (because that’s just what you do in LA). We are in a prime spot for food discovery… and Yelp-ers really know what’s up. Here’s our quest for the ‘best burger’ in West Los Angeles.

1. Plan Check Kitchen + Bar (Sawtelle)

Price per burger: $12-$15
Yelp Rating: 4 stars, 1604 reviews
Overall: Collectively, Nick and I have ordered each burger on this menu. We both agreed that the ‘Chef’s burger’ is probably the best burger we’ve ever had. Our second favorite was the Bleu Cheeseburger (those candied bacon bits… to die for). The ambience is great (very LA, trendy bar feel) and street parking is typically not hard to come by in this area. We highly recommend this place. Side note: they are also known for their “cronut” dessert.

Chef’s burger

2. Father’s Office (Culver City)

Price per burger: $12-$14
Yelp Rating: 3.5 stars, 5307 reviews
Overall: Well this place has the highest number of reviews on Yelp in all of West L.A., so you at least need to try it… and everybody raves about it. But they’re not kidding. The burger is AMAZING. You cannot make any changes to it, so be prepared for that. The ambience is very noisy and looks like a nice bar (I loved the outside patio). Children are not allowed in (21+ only). They also have great beer.

3. Umami Burger (2 locations: Fairfax & Santa Monica)

Price per burger: $14
Yelp Rating: 4 stars, 1932 reviews
Overall: The fairfax location is beautiful because it’s located in the Grove, but the Santa Monica location isn’t very nice (decreased points for ambience at that one). I’m not sure that you can go wrong with any of the burgers. They are absolutely delicious. Our only qualms are that they can be too small (I was still hungry after mine).

4. The Golden State (Fairfax)

Price per burger: $12-$14
Yelp Rating: 4 stars, 1107 reviews
Overall: This was the first place we tried out of all of them and it was pretty good but I think our expectations were through the roof, so we were a tiny bit let down… but not disappointed. The burger was tasty & I would still consider it gourmet, but nothing that blew my mind (there’s a lot of hype over this place). The best part was the “curry ketchup”, which everyone talks about on yelp… it’s really good and unique. The sweet potato wedges we got were also wonderful.

5. The Apple Pan (Westwood)

Price per burger: $8-$9
Yelp Rating: 3.5 stars, 2073 reviews
Overall: First of all, I can’t call this burger a ‘gourmet burger’… it’s just not. Also, the place has a very “diner” feel too it (which we actually really liked). Counter space only (no tables) so that’s kind of hard, and everybody’s typically fighting for a spot. They are cash only and, believe it or not, still use registers from the ’50’s. It’s a very old place, but the service is SPEEDY, which is great. We enjoyed the hickory burger (the two popular ones are the steak burger and hickory burger). They were yummy but certainly the least out of the others we’ve tried. Extra points for them because they have their own mini- parking lot & we didn’t have to deal with psycho LA parking.

ickory Burger(s)

Still need to try:

  • Upper West (Santa Monica, CA)
  • The Honor Bar (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • 26 Beach Restaurant– known for their ‘sushi burger’ (Venice, CA)

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