Everything I Love Right Now (June 2015)


  • Harry Potter 7
    Yes. I am finally getting around to it. Halfway through it and loving it (obviously)… but also finding this book darker than the previous 6, right?
  • Lessons from Madame Chic
    I’m realizing that this book is kind of my “dream book”, in that, it has everything I’ve wanted someone to write about. It’s about a woman who went to live in Paris, France for a year and noticed how well and differently the Parisians live from Americans (in regards to everything including food, fashion, exercise, family, etc.). I am really eating it up.


  • Water for Elephants
    Finished this book several weeks ago and was absolutely taken by it. I was so wrapped up in the story. And it’s one that I am sure will stick with me for a while.

Movies & Television:

  • Inside Out
    After hearing everyone say that this was one of the best pixar films they’ve seen, Nick and I decided to see it on Father’s day. We both laughed AND cried… and proceeded to talk about it for several days afterwards. Go see it. It will probably make you look introspectively and give you another perspective on yourself and your emotions.


  • The Mindy Project
    Well, I finally caved and got HuluPlus (which apparently is now just ‘Hulu’), so I’ve been exploring this show. I hate admitting how much I love it… It’s hilarious and clever. And not to mention a minority woman as the lead (who also plays a doctor). It’s fabulous. (although, I feel I need to mention that Nick really doesn’t like it)


  • Jane the Virgin
    This show is unbelievably addicting! The story is incredibly far-fetched, but still captivating.

Delicious Delicacies:

  • Lavender Milk Tea with boba
    SO good. I always get either jasmine or standard black milk tea. This was a good change.
  • Komodo Cafe
    Another ‘yelp find’ with crazy good reviews. This Asian Fusion place was everything we hoped it would be (near Pico-Robertson). It’s worthy of it’s own blogpost… will definitely include this in my next “Best of West L.A.” post.

IMG_5678 IMG_5677

  • Churros Calientes 
    Same as I mentioned above… thousands of reviews, 4.5 stars. And everything about this place was my dream. I know that’s dramatic, but I mean it every time. The ambience, the churro’s.. heck, even the people working there were directly from Spain! Ok, I don’t really know if they were, but I assume so, given their accents, style, etc. This place is my new favorite.


  • Peet’s Coffee
    Oldie but goody. This place makes me feel like an addict. There are tons up in the bay area, but very few here in L.A. Lucky me, I found one right by my work 🙂 And I’ve been there every day since.

L.A. Experiences:

  • Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary
    The Paint the Night Parade and the new Fireworks show are the best things we have seen in a really long time. GO and go EARLY. It will be truly magical.
  • Shakespeare in the Park
    Finally saw this, since we had been meaning to go for so long. I love the idea of watching a Shakespeare play in the park, bringing a picnic (that obviously includes a cheese plate & wine) and just relaxing. I will say that the Shakespearean language got a little tiring and difficult to follow. But it was still very fun.


  • Eat.See.Hear
    My friends and I have not been yet this year (It’s an LA summer thing) where they have music, food & a movie at an LA park. We absolutely loved it last year with the food trucks and the ENORMOUS screen that played “Pitch Perfect”. I cannot wait to go again this year.



  • The Yoga Collective (online)
    My new exercise routine is this. It’s been wonderful and very cheap. This also deserves it’s own blogpost (coming soon!)


  • Mason Jars
    I know these have been around forever, but I’ve just discovered how multi-purposeful these things are. Breakfast on the go? Check. Coffee on the go? Check. Store my son’s playdoh? CHECK.

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