11 Things I Learned in June (2015)

1. Seating matters at a Broadway show.
Pay the extra $20-$40 per ticket to get a seat that’s up close & personal. We were front row for “Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat” and could see every single expression on each performer’s face… It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. We were pretty far back for “Phantom of the Opera”, in an attempt to save money, of course. Yet both of us wished we had forked over the money for the better experience. (the show was still unbelievably spectacular, by the by)

Phantom of the Opera” @ Pantages in Hollywood for my birthday!

2. Stories about failure are surprisingly powerful.
I’ve come to realize that most of the time our stories of failure will encourage someone way more than our success stories. I’ve had a lot of moments this week where I’ve felt as though I was failing. What gave me the most courage and hope was hearing stories of failure & perseverance from people that I admire.

3. L.A. spoils me.
Sometimes I really wonder how I will ever live anywhere else. Disneyland. Broadway. Beaches. World renowned restaurants. A culture I thought that I hated, I am actually falling in love with. Thanks, L.A…. you’ve ruined me (in the best way).

4. Using a budget planner has opened my eyes to how much money I spend on a regular basis.
If you’re looking for a good budget app for the iPhone, “Good Budget” has been helpful. You set your own budget by labeling envelopes and keeping track of everything you spend. It has helped me be mindful with how I use my money.

goodbudget  goodbudget2

5. I’m needlessly into Hilary Duff’s new album.
It’s not like it’s award-winning music (just to be real). But I find myself listening to it a lot. I think I will just always be into this girl since I grew up with her. It’s on Spotify, so go give it a shot 🙂

6. You need to have thick skin to be in the therapy world.
As an occupational therapist, I come into contact with a lot of people. I had a multitude of patients this week treat me very poorly. Many saying rude things or giving me constant attitude… some even insulting me. I couldn’t help but take it personally, until one of my co-workers so lovingly said, “Oh girl… Is that it? Welcome to the therapy world! That’s not even the worst of it!”

7. Surprises make birthdays extra special 🙂
Typically, my favorite part of a birthday is if something or someone surprised me… it adds a little pep to your step!

8. Having social media apps on my phone distracts me from the real world.
Unfortunately, this is just the curse of our generation. I had a big “ah ha!” moment when I realized how much I was looking down rather than up. Another goal for this upcoming month: use my phone for calling/texting ONLY.

9. I want to make my capsule wardrobe even smaller.
Yeah I said it! As most of you know, I have been LOVING my 33-item capsule wardrobe… so much, in fact, that I want to make it EVEN SMALLER. Bet no one saw that comin’ 😉

10. My body is getting older and less capable of invincibility.
I went to my doctor the other day (for various reasons), but a big part of my trip revolved around the fact that I had gained an obscene amount of weight in very little time (yes, I am sheepishly admitting this on the internet) AND that I am exhausted pretty much all the time. I asked her to check my thyroid and check hormone levels to see what was going on with my body, to which she so bluntly responded, “maybe you’re just getting older and need to eat better and exercise more.” Well, guess what? My blood test results came out normal so… time to eat right.

11. There’s a ‘La Boulange’ in LA.
My favorite place to go when I’m home in the bay area… when I drove past this place last night, I nearly had a stroke. I’m going to this LA LOCATION this weekend FOR SURE. London Fog Latte, I’m comin’ for ya!


IMG_5799-2 Please be sure to try their uh-mazeeee-ing London Fog Latte


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