Little Things That Make My Day

My saving grace this week the past two months: joy in the little things.

Life has been… jam-packed. Serious props to all the full-time working mothers out there… it is exhausting. Constantly trying to be a good mom, a loving wife and a top notch OT fieldwork student is incredibly difficult (I don’t know how great I’m doing at any of the 3, btw).

Focusing on each tiny little happy thing has helped keep my heart gracious. It’s a good discipline to continually thank God for the little (& big) ways he reaches out to me. Every single day.

Here are a few things that have made me smile this week:


  • A Free Iced Coffee (Mint Mojito Iced Coffee) from Philz
    I saw 3 different people instagram this in a week, so I had to go try it. Who knew such a bizarre flavor combination could taste like heaven? And even better… I mentioned to the cashier how excited I was because it was my first time getting Philz and he said, “You know what, this one’s on the house then. All that really matters is that you love your coffee.” And you know what? A free coffee actually makes a difference in my wallet these days. Thank you, kind barista. That made my day.


  • A new book by an author I love
    On my Fall reading list… I love Mindy Kaling’s writing. The content of her books aren’t phenomenal (she doesn’t write about anything too deep), but her writing is so so so good, that I eat it all up. She’s like a very exaggerated version of me: obsessed with chick flicks, loves writing, and grew up feeling totally foreign to white culture… I always feel empowered by this woman.


  • My new nose stud
    Just got a cute, new “barely there” gold stud off Etsy and it’s everything I wanted it to be 🙂
  • Watching my patients make progress
    I have officially been at my fieldwork site long enough to see real, actual progress in my patients’ rehabilitation status. And many have even noticed themselves how much growth they have had. It is incredible to be a part of that process. This is why I do what I do.
  • Hearing a man empower women
    This always fires me up… even gets me emotional (in a good way, of course). As I was listening to the radio this morning on my drive to work, I was listening to a man (I actually don’t know who) talk about how so many laws in the US are stacked up against women and it’s primarily because men have written all the laws. This gentleman was calling women AND men into action: to get more women’s voices heard in the legal system. We need more men feminists out there.
  • When Nick & Josh visit me during my lunch break
    AND we get to go to the grove. My heart feels warm. and full.



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