10 Things I learned in July

1. I need to grieve the end of Harry Potter.
I finally finished the last book & the series I’ve been reading since I was 11. The end was so so so good. I am so impressed with how J.K. Rowling ties everything together… she’s an unbelievably talented writer and I hope that somehow, in some world, there’s another Harry Potter book. But for now… I’ll be grieving the end of my favorite fantasy series. And accept the fact that there will probably never be another like it.

2. I accidentally broke my favorite Disney mug.
It was a special edition Disneyland mug that you can ONLY buy in the Starbucks inside Disneyland… AND it was a gift. Man I loved that mug. But overall, this incident just reminded me to not put my hope & love in things.


3. I’m almost an occupational therapist… and I can’t believe how quick that went.
I feel like it was just yesterday that I was going to my first day of level 2 fieldwork (a 12-week full-time internship). And now I’m down to my LAST week. All that’s left is to pass my boards!

4. Going to a “movie in the park” event is one of my favorite things to do.
It’s an LA summer thing. We’ve been to “Eat.See.Hear” twice now. Once to see Pitch Perfect, and then a second time to see Love Actually (my favorite chick flick). It is so nice to sit around with friends & families, eat, drink, play games & watch an awesome movie that everyone loves.

IMG_6172 IMG_6187

5. Joshua’s current sleep regression is incredibly exhausting for the whole family.
Every milestone for baby = Bad sleeping for a couple weeks. For the past week, Josh has been waking up every few hours. It’s like he’s a newborn again and we are ALL extremely exhausted.

6. It’s important to know where your passions & your gifts align.
I’ve been thinking about this more and more now that I’m about to start applying for jobs AND now that I’m thinking of ways to serve at church. One of my pastors once said, “a vision from the Lord will elicit tremendous desire”. I’m finding that to be all too true.

7. I need a new laptop.
I’ve had mine for just over four years and it’s slower than ever. Now debating if I want to purchase a new one or refurbish the one I already have. I’m open to suggestions 🙂

8. I have a passion for overseas missions.
Every single time I hear about or see a video of poverty overseas, I desperately desire to go. Just go. As soon as I possibly can. But the idea of the life we can build here and having children here really holds me back. I guess it’s time to start praying and figuring out what to surrender to God.

my time serving in Honduras in June 2011

9. My son’s got rhythm.
Meaning musical rhythm. He claps on beat. and DANCES on beat. He got it from his mama 😉 (or daddy.)


10. It’s important to know how to reconcile amidst conflict. 
There is always conflict in every single circle of people you will encounter. And if there ISN’T conflict, then someone’s not being real about how they feel. I’ve realized how crucial it is for myself personally and my relationships to know how to do conflict well and reconcile well. This is a skill everyone should learn.


One thought on “10 Things I learned in July

  1. simplypegah says:

    So sorry about your mug 😦 Do you guys still have your annual passes? Hopefully you can replace it with a new one <3!
    PS- how jooj is that photo of Joshua and the guitar! miss you all ❤

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