Starting the Toddler Years: the fun & the not-so-fun

Welcome to the Toddler years! Where everything changes… my mind is constantly swarming with ideas on how to keep him pre-occupied and learning. He’s running around. He sleeps standing up (stubborn kid). He loves to hug and kiss his mama. There are so many wonderful things and so many not-so-wonderful things. Here’s my little take on toddler life so far:

The fun:

  • I gave Joshua his first haircut!
    YES I DID. Mama did it. All by herself. Go mama, go mama… (sung in a melodious chant to herself). I’m really excited I was able to do this. All I needed to do was watch a few YouTube videos, buy some haircutting shears and a styling comb and I was good to go. It was surprisingly therapeutic to cut his hair. And he doesn’t look too bad 😉

n case you forgot what he used to look like…


Yeah, maybe we let it go a little too long…

  • My kid’s a chatterbox.
    He talks talks talks talks TALKS. I mean babbles. But he’s saying words now! At the store, he will literally wave and excitedly say “HELLO!” to everyone we pass. It’s pretty cute. And he’s into hand gestures. And clapping. It’s the best 🙂
  • He kisses, hugs and gives all sorts of love ❤
    It’s really cute actually. Ever since we taught him “give me kiss” or “give teddy bear kiss”, he’s been doing it nonstop. In fact, I’ll sometimes catch him sitting there hugging and kissing his teddy (of course, this is right before he chucks him across the room, so I don’t know how affectionate it is..) But it’s still friggin’ adorable.
  • He’s feeding himself! Utensils and all!
    Thank God. This means I don’t have to spoon feed him all day long. Hallelujah!


The not-so-fun:

  • He hits & throws… on purpose.
    It’s pretty nuts to see your innocent little baby go from angel child to tantrum-ing toddler. We’re still figuring out what our discipline strategy is. We’ve found timeout works really well.
  • He no longer has stranger danger.
    I don’t know how this happened. It’s actually a tad embarrassing when he hugs random strangers in line at Disneyland. Or where ever. We have to figure this one out since this simply will not do.
  • He’s all. over. the. place.
    A whole new meaning to Miley’s song, “We can’t stop. And we won’t stop.” The good news is that I’m always getting a workout chasing after him. Oh and I totally understand the toddler leash thing now…. Nick disagrees, but I really think he’ll see the magic once we use it. Where do I even get one of those?
  • He needs to learn how to share.
    Officially at an age where he’s understanding what’s okay and what’s not okay. He’ll learn sharing is caring soon enough.

That’s all for now. What are your tips for entering into Toddler life?


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