10 Things I Learned in September (2015)

1. I’ve become the master of cheap, stay-at-home date nights.
Why? Well we can’t always pay for a fancy evening out and we can’t always find a sitter. So of course I have become the queen of stay-at-home date nights. My most recent favorite: Harry Potter nights. Next on my list? ‘Cupcake Wars’ night. I’ll give you a glimpse of what it looks like: a lot of baking. competition. and yummy yummy goodness.

2. I don’t know what my ideal activity of leisure is.
It’s so important to find time to do what you love… but I’m honestly not sure what that is! I like to read and write… I’ve enjoyed my adult coloring book and I obviously love socializing with friends. But I want to find some hobby that really makes me excited. Like how some people love DIY projects or others enjoy knitting… what am I into? I really don’t know.

3. I want to try the paleo diet.
It sounds incredibly tough, but I think I’m up for the challenge! And I’m in serious need of a physical detox. Anyone want to join me? I plan on purchasing the book, “Against All Grain” by Danielle Walker.


4. It takes so much energy to discipline my child.
I realize now why disciplining is so SO important. They pick up bad habits quickly. It’s infinitely easier to not discipline. Should I clean up his whole mess in 5 minutes? Or spend 20 minutes making him do it? Well, of course the latter. But, man, it’s exhausting.

IMG_6550   IMG_6553

5. My skin can’t tolerate drugstore makeup.
I tried getting the “trublend” foundation by Covergirl & also one of their concealers. It actually looks great on and it matches my skin tone perfectly… the problem is, I break out every single time I wear it. Every single time! I’m not sure my skin can tolerate anything other than Bare Minerals.

6. We found our “go-to” park.
It’s right by the library, which makes it perfect. We go back and forth between the two 🙂


7. All parents do things differently. And that’s okay.
Before I became a parent, I would see other kids behaving badly and secretly think “why aren’t they disciplining their kid?” or “I would never let my kid….” blah blah blah. How judgmental and crazy of me. Now I know the struggle. Now I know the crazy that is all children.

8. I hate it (& love it) when I have too many good options.
Like this Friday. Do I go to a Korean Karaoke night? Or do I go meet Mindy Kaling at Barnes & Noble for her book signing? Decisions, decisions…

9. Paper planners are where it’s at.
I can’t (& won’t) switch to an electronic planner. No thanks, Google calendar. I am too in love with my paper & pen planner (Lily Pulitzer). And I cannot wait for next year when I splurge and get an Erin Condren planner… EEEE! I already informed my husband that it would make the perfect Christmas gift 🙂

10. “The American Dream” is not worth chasing.
A little bit more serious of a lesson… I realized recently that I am often torn between decisions that reflect whether I’m chasing after the American Dream or serving people, as God has called me to. Whether it’s where we’re going to live next, how we’re going to spend our surplus this month or what we’re going to do for Thanksgiving… our decisions often reflect whether we’re serving God’s kingdom or our own. We’re either generous with our money or we store up for ourselves. Do I want to live in the nice suburbs with the high-class schools & economically monotonous population? Or am I going to venture outside my comfort zone? Hmm… I honestly don’t know. Convicting.


One thought on “10 Things I Learned in September (2015)

  1. Kathleen North says:

    I love stay at home date nights! Yours sound so fun an creative! I would do the baking competition but I prefer when Alex just bakes because he’s so good at it.

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