New Trader Joe’s Finds

My most recent Trader Joe’s finds:

Hi all! So when it comes to food, I only shop at Trader Joe’s… and for those of you that don’t know, there are some pretty incredible items that have the potential of flying under your radar if you don’t look carefully. Here are my most recent finds/loves at our beloved Trader Joe’s.

For dinner:
Spelt Rissotto (with added turkey bacon)

tjs spelt risotto
I’ve been making this one for a while but only recently have I appreciated how great it is. I cook it as the package directs and then cook 3 strips of TJ’s uncured peppered turkey bacon on the side, chop it up and throw it in. Voila! Please try it!

For side dish:
Brussels Sprouts (with added turkey bacon)

I can’t not share this recipe with you. The TJ’s item I’m referring to is simply a bag of brussels sprouts. But you need the whole recipe. I made this the other night (swapping butter for olive oil and omitting the onions). It was… amazing. And the trader joe’s packaged Brussel sprouts come in the perfect sized bag. Here it is:

For my sweet tooth:
Pound Plus Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds

My only caution is to try and not eat this all in one sitting. It’s baker’s chocolate technically, but seriously tastes like a dream. My perfect dessert (add a glass of red wine if you will).

For the kiddo:
Organic Animal Crackers

tjs organic animal crackers
ORGANIC animal crackers. Josh is obsessed with these. And I let the whole organic thing win me over, so I give these to him as a snack or dessert.

For a drink:
Spindrift Seltzer with raspberries and lime

FullSizeRender (2)
I don’t let myself drink soda, so this is the perfect substitute. For all you soda drinkers, just a warning that this isn’t super sweet, so don’t expect it to be. But it has more of a kick than regular sparkling water AND they use real raspberries & lime!

For my cheese & crackers craving:
Toscano Cheese with Black Pepper

tjs tosacano
Definitely my favorite cheese at TJ’s (& trust me, I have tried A LOT of their cheese). This one is perfect and goes great with crackers & prosciutto.

A couple things I didn’t like:

Sweet Plantain Chips

NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH REGULAR THEIR PLANTAIN CHIPS. They have these new ones that are bigger and called SWEET plantain chips. Maybe my expectations were high… but I just think they’re nothing compared to the other ones.

Cornbread Mix

I used this for this awesome recipe I have where I cover cornbread with Mexican chicken & vegetables mixture and top it with cheese… Nick & both agreed that everything about this meal was perfect except the cornbread from TJ’s is not so good. They put little pieces of corn in it that taste like inedible rubber. I will definitely make my own cornbread next time.



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