Lessons from April & Goals for May

Hi all. Long time no see 🙂

So I normally do a “10 Things I Learned in [insert month]” post… these are always quite therapeutic for me as I sit to recap and process all that’s happened the month before. But I’ve come to realize that all I’ve really gathered from April is that I have some serious changes I need to make this month (& in the following few months before baby #2 arrives). April was spent packing, moving, working & taking care of my energizer bunny (child). Here is a compilation of what I’ve learned and what I’ll be aiming for this month.

Lessons from April

  • Too much TV
    First of all, have you seen the show Parenthood? I flew through 2 or 3 seasons last month (which takes normal people a year). Yes the show is amazing and PLEASE go see it if you haven’t… but I need to cut back on my binge watching.
    And speaking of TV, I’m continuing to watch Fresh off the Boat (with hubby) and the Mindy Project (by myself) and quite frankly, both shows have gone downhill. I don’t know why I keep watching… I think I’m just desperately hoping Danny will come back around and the Huang family will start to make me laugh again. But I’m shooting for the stars here…. needless to say, I will be cutting back on TV this month.
  • I need a hobby
    To replace the incessant TV watching. Also, I was chatting with one of my mommy friends about how we need to pick up a hobby… I just don’t have one! It used to be dancing in high school and college, but at this point that was AGES ago.
    I decided a few weeks ago that I really want to pick up calligraphy… I finally bought a Rhodia dot pad and Tombow dual brush pens and began youtubing away. I am OBSESSED.
  • I need to take better care of myself
    I work at a hospital. I wear pajamas (scrubs) to work and NEVER do my hair. The other day one of the nurses saw me, my preggo belly & my messy top-knot and said, “you must be having a boy because you’ve gotten lazy with your looks.” … first off, what?? Second of all, wow. Thank you, nurse who I’ve never met, for informing me of how not-so-lovely I look today. I guess I have to start trying… at least a little bit.
  • I am in love with our new place
    Well here’s something good I’ve learned… I love our new apartment… everything about it. It’s small, but has everything we need. And believe it or not, we’ve been able to keep it SO clean so far… We have to keep that habit going.

Goals for May

  • Calligraphy (& Coffee)
    As I’ve mentioned… this is my favorite morning routine. I am so in love with this new hobby. And I know Nick got me a calligraphy set for Mother’s Day (because I specifically asked for it), so I can’t wait to learn even more than I’m learning now. If anyone wants to have a calligraphy & coffee party with me, please let me know 🙂


  • Starting the bullet journal
    I’ve been reading about this on Modern Mrs. Darcy (a blog I follow), and think this is the perfect thing for me… Well anything that involves planning, organizing & using a pretty journal & pen is definitely perfect for me. It looks like it takes a week or two to get the hang of it, but it may just be worth it. If you’re curious about it, here are a couple links I’ve used to read up on it:http://www.thelazygeniuscollective.com/blog/how-to-bullet-journal
  • Rhythms of Spiritual Discipline
    When people ask me “how are you doing? Like how are you really doing?” I have no clue how to answer. And what that shows me is that I’ve spent pretty much zero time processing, journalling, praying… I simply have not been getting any time to reflect & take care of my self emotionally/spiritually. So I’m going to start making this a priority… in part by practicing the “prayer of examen” each night.
  • Eating Healthier
    Because I’m about two months away from being tested for gestational diabetes (all pregnant women get tested for it) and I really don’t want to have that. I’ve found a few new recipes I’m eager to try to start making desserts that aren’t so bad. Here’s one I’ll be attempting next week if you’d like to join me:http://www.servedfromscratch.com/chocolate-crunch-bars-vegan/
  • Time with my eldest
    Because he is officially “my eldest” 🙂 And I need to get our one-on-one time in before we become a family of 4.
  • Get back into reading
    Because my “to read” list is long and I haven’t picked up a book since January. A friend & I have decided to read “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown together and the accountability is just what I need to pick up my reading habit again 🙂

That’s all for April Lessons & May Goals. What are yours?



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