Life Lately

Oh how this summer has flown by… I cannot believe how quickly this season (& pregnancy) has gone. It feels like just yesterday we were rejoicing over that bright PLUS sign… and now I’m only a month away from the due date. I am feeling big, fatigued and READY for our little one to arrive.

I haven’t been on top of the blogging at all during this pregnancy… How quickly I’ve forgotten what a great outlet this has been for me to de-compress & externally process my life… and for those that have been waiting for an update, here’s a sneak peak at my life lately (through verbs).


  • Missing our time as a family in Palm Desert.
    For the second year in a row, the three of us (four if you include the belly baby) ventured out for a quick family vacay at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert . We’ve discovered something lovely about this place: For the stage of life we’re in, this is our ideal family vacation. We do nothing but eat, lounge and play by the pool. No running around trying to explore, no driving anywhere… pure relaxation. It was so nice, that we actually decided to stay one extra night last minute. Although my heart typically longs for adventure in Europe or Asia or even the Middle East, our season of life can’t really hold that right now. I’m choosing joy & gratitude in little trips like this one 🙂
  • Wanting (NEEDING) a new pair of sunglasses.
    I’ve had the same pair for a couple years now from TOMS (which I’ve loved), however Josh has destroyed them. Note to self: don’t let your toddler play with your sunglasses if you can help it. Without them, my eyes feel like they’re dying and I am now in desperate need of a new pair.
  • Enjoying 21 days in the book of John.
    I have felt extremely disconnected spiritually and have been craving a discipline to get me back in scripture and prayer. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so I decided to spend 21 days going through the book of John (1 chapter per day). I’m 5 days in and already feeling rejuvenated in my soul. As a mom, it’s hard to find any real rhythm of quiet time and I have no doubt things will get shaken up again once the new baby arrives. For now, I’m enjoying the luxury of energy and sleep, which allows me to spend deep, quality time connecting.
  • Learning to hold money loosely.
    A lesson I’ve been learning for the past 4 years… The more I practice generosity, the less I struggle with greed. As my maternity leave starts, we are losing half our income for the next 5 months (part-time mama’s get zero benefits :() God reminds me again and again that I am to trust him with everything and relinquish control. I am grateful for a season to practice this again.
  • Ditching my “Passion Planner”, Loving my “Happy Planner”
    Well, I should really devote a whole post to this… but I decided I am not a Passion Planner person. At the start of the year, I wrote about starting to use the Passion Planner (look it up if you haven’t heard of it). I liked it for a couple weeks, but absolutely could not keep up (& this is coming from a girl who ADORES paper planners and has never ditched one mid-year). The passion planner is great for highly detailed people… but for me, I could not plan my day in half-hour increments, and I did not feel like breaking up my to-do lists into top, middle & low priority. I need more freedom & space to plan the way I like. I am a dreamer (an ENFJ for myers-briggs loving folk) and need a bit of creativity… the Passion Planner is more for SJ’s. My brain hurts when you force me to think in high detail. With all that being said, I am now OBSESSED with the Happy Planner. Obviously I will give you a more reliable review after using it for at least 6 months (it’s only been two weeks).
    **Here’s the happy planner if you don’t already know:
  • Reading “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman
    Just started. Only a few chapters in, but already love it. Reminds me of “Up”.
  • Prepping for Baby #2 (& not-so-prepared).
    People always laugh when I tell them about my first pregnancy… my water broke in the middle of the night the day before my due-date. We did not have a car seat installed, nor did we have a hospital bag packed (most people do this at least a month in advance). And as a bonus kick, my husband had stayed up all night watching the Australian Open with some friends, so by the time we got to the hospital, he was running on a couple hours of sleep (if that). We are finding ourselves, once again, completely un-prepared for baby #2. But not super stressed about it… it worked out fine last time and I am hoping and praying that everything will come together this time too.
  • Embracing that my child is free-spirited & completely unhindered.
    We recently dedicated Josh at our church. It’s a beautiful moment where the pastor prays for our son on stage and we make promises, as parents, to raise him in a Christ-like way. It was lovely… except for the fact that Josh would not stand still. He kept running to the middle of the stage and stare at the crowd. He would turn around to Nick & I and say loudly, “I wanna play drums!” (there was a drum-set on stage). While our pastor was praying for him (remember, this is in front of a couple hundred people), Josh sat on the floor and took his shoes & socks off (we’ve got an Asian kid). I was initially mortified, but after all of it, I realized that God has blessed Josh with a totally free & unhindered spirit… I would do well for some more of that in my own spirit 🙂

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