Life As a Mommy of Two


My first blogpost ever was written a few months after I had Josh, entitled “Life as a Mommy”. It feels crazy now to be back full circle and updating you all on “Life as a Mommy of TWO”.

Yes, I gave birth less than a couple weeks ago. Yes, I am completely sleep-deprived. But I have been eager to write, not just to give my dear friends an update, but also to really remember and cherish these moments. The first six weeks post-partum are always a blur (which is probably why everyone’s willing to have multiple children). But I want to record even the most exhausting of moments. Because one day these two cuties will be too big to snuggle with…

Here are a few updates on how life has been as a mommy of two (what’s been new, note-worthy, or totally different from round one):

Labor & Delivery

  • Labor moved a lot more quickly.
    I went into labor the exact same way both times (my water broke in the middle of the night the day before my due date), which happens to be an extremely uncommon way to go into labor. The first time, my body could not begin contracting on it’s own and I ended up being in labor for 30 hours before having an emergency c-section.
  • I had a successful VBAC!
    Luckily, my body began to go into labor on it’s own this time! I was contracting within an hour after my water breaking and was able to deliver Kai via VBAC, barely any pitocin and only after about 15 hours of labor. Still long, but technically half the time!

First Couple Weeks at Home

  • I miss Josh.
    It’s pretty drastic going from giving your son 100% of your attention down to about 10%. Josh spends the majority of his time with Nick now (since I have to nurse the baby). The other day I decided to take Josh to the park for a quick mommy-son date during Kai’s nap and as we were walking out the door, Josh turns to Nick and says “Daddy, put your shoes on!”, but when Nick told him he wasn’t joining us, Josh started to cry. And if I’m being honest, it took everything in me to not wallow in my heartbreak… that suddenly, mommy & Josh time wasn’t enough 😦 But I’m acknowledging that this may well be the season we’re in & that’s okay.
  • I wish I could give Kai 100%.
    On the flip side, it is also bizarre having a newborn, yet still needing to cater to an extremely demanding toddler. When we had Josh, we were able to put 100% focus on him, but it’s just not the same with newborn #2.
  • I’m getting out of the house much faster.
    Four days after giving birth, Nick & I had a very quick mini date night at this coffee shop right by our apartment while my aunt watched the boys. It was crazy but SO needed.
  • I’m desperate for exercise.
    The pregnancy weight seems to be dropping fairly quick (thanks to breastfeeding), but as I learned last time, even when I do return to pre-pregnancy weight, it does NOT mean my body will look the same as before. That requires work. And as per doctors orders, I’m on a “no-exercise” regimen until six weeks post-partum. I’m very eager to start treating my body right again.
  • I’m attempting to soak up the little moments.
    As tempting as it is to see this season as exhausting & full of sleep-deprivation (which is all true), I’m reminding myself continually to soak up these precious moments… ones where I get to just snuggle up with my new baby and relax, without worrying about work or any other agenda.

Favorite Items Post-Partum

  • SoundBub.
    About to make a shameless plug for my friend’s company’s product. We are in LOVE with our SoundBub (from the company WavHello), which is a portable sound soother, but also has blue tooth, which means you can play whatever you want on it from your phone or ipad. Josh is absolutely obsessed. And it’s also been super helpful for Kai.
  • Kindle.
    Makes reading while nursing or lying in bed infinitely easier.
  • Trader Joe’s Gummies
    For some reason, I’ve been intensely craving this particular snack ever since labor. My lovely friend got me three bags and, yes, I finished it all.
  • Face Masks & Dry Shampoo
    My sweet friend sent me the best care package last week, filled with goodies that let me pamper myself during this time where I feel totally un-feminine. Felt loved AND girly again.

More photos & fun to come as I get more sleep and baby starts to plump up 🙂


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