Celebrating Month #1


The Kwok’s just finished month one of parenting two lovely kiddo’s :)!

Getting through the first month is a huge accomplishment and definitely merits celebration. I have loved seeing our family grow and our older son love on our younger. I have been challenged by this new lifestyle and the obstacles that only come from being outnumbered in parenting.

Updates from the Kwok household: here’s what’s new, noteworthy & keeping me alive 🙂

New nuggets I’ve learned this past week

  • I love living in a walkable area.
    Our saving grace this past month! We rarely feel like driving anywhere and luckily, we have the best food, dessert & boba places within a few short blocks from our apartment. Without the walkability factor, we’d likely be glued home a majority of the time. The fresh air and light exercise has been surprisingly life-giving for my soul.
  • Josh will eat anything with ketchup on it.
    My new trick to getting him to eat his dinner. It’s like magic.
  • It’s okay to do nothing.
    One of the toughest parts of having a kid (for me) is allowing yourself to do nothing. I did not realize how centered I am on productivity and ‘usefulness’ until being forced to chill. Nick has reminded me over and over to stop thinking so much and to just let myself relax. I’m still learning how to do this.
  • The second kid does not always mirror the first.
    Our two babies are as different as can be. Josh was a slow feeder, Kai eats fast. Josh was born at 5 lbs, Kai was born at 8 lbs. Josh had Jaundice, Kai did not. This past weekend we encountered a pink eye scare, which actually just ended up being a clogged tear duct (apparently extremely common in newborns), but we never experienced that with Josh, so I felt like a total rookie. New kid means new parenting obstacles (& joys) 🙂
  • I’m getting better at asking for help & receiving.
    Something I’ve been working on for a long time… For the first time, I am not only allowing others to help, but even asking for it. And I’ve been direct about what I need/want without feeling overly anxious. It’s been a huge stepping stone for me. Community really shines during the tough seasons 🙂

Challenges I’ve encountered

  • Joshua’s refusing nap time. 
    An unfortunate pattern that I hear can happen with the transition of becoming an older sibling.
  • The ups & downs of nursing.
    You’ve probably heard of people that don’t produce enough milk, but did you know that “oversupply” is also an issue? I didn’t. Until my baby started pooping green… and I realized I create too much milk, which means my baby is getting an excess of ‘foremilk’… that leads to gassiness, fussiness & discomfort while nursing. So it’s been a challenge trying to regulate my supply and get it down. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really no winning when it comes to nursing. Every mom I’ve talked to has had some dilemma with it.
  • I don’t have enough clothes for this.
    Speaking of ‘oversupply’, my baby spits up after every feed. Consequently, it is 1 PM and I have already changed my shirt 4 times (and the current one I’m wearing is half-drenched in breast milk)… the stuff no one warns you about.
  • Missing Disneyland.
    This ones sounds dumb… and maybe it is… but we really miss Disneyland. I took Josh weekly the last couple months prior to baby and I guess we just got used to it… now he is constantly asking to go. Nick continually plays ‘Fantasmic’ on our TV. And our household has become obnoxiously attached to our new favorite past-time.
  • Catering to my soul.
    I would love to hear how other moms continued their spiritual practices of praying, reading their bible, and connecting with God when they started parenting two… this has been unbelievably difficult and I’m not sure when it’ll get easier.


  • Gilmore Girls. 
    Been watching this again to amp myself up for the reboot coming November 25th! Cannot WAIT! Now to find friends to watch with 🙂
  • This is Us.
    Finally, a new show that literally has everything I want in a show. For starters, Nick loves it too, so we get to watch it together. Second, they address very real issues (adoption, racial injustice, marriage, parenting). Every episode unlocks more pieces to the story that sucks you in further… They have me hooked.
  • Friends  & Family
    Once again… unbelievably grateful for dear friends & family who have helped us, cooked for us, prayed for us, and blessed us with much-needed support (including a big sis who stayed with me & the boys while Nick was away). I am in awe of you all.
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas
    My favorites… right around the corner 🙂
  • The Sprinkles Baking Book
    I cannot WAIT to get this. Just came out yesterday, the owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes (Candace Nelson) just released her book full of cupcake & dessert recipes. EEE 🙂 (it’s the little things right now)

What helps you through month one of parenting?


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