What I’m Into (November 2016)


Hello all!

Wow… what a crazy month it’s been. I am thrilled to report that sleep has improved & my brain is feeling infinitely less mushy 🙂

Kai is now 10 weeks old and has somewhat of a normalized routine (that I’m sure will change as soon as I get used to it). We are getting out of the house more frequently & socializing again… I am taking a healthy amount of showers and changing out of my PJ’s each morning. Slowly inching my way back into normalcy.


So much has happened in November! We spent our first Thanksgiving in LA, which happened to be way more relaxing than Bay Area Thanksgiving’s (during which, we pack in 3 different houses in one day). We took family photos for the first time ever and absolutely love them. Countless friends have either gotten engaged or pregnant this month… needless to say, we have not been short of celebration 🙂

I’m eager to write about SO MANY THINGS but energy & time are still lacking. I’ll be keeping my posts more condensed & less ‘hodge podge’-y in the future. But for now… here’s a hodge podge of what I’ve been into this past month:

Books & Lit

I should start out by letting you know, I actually haven’t read a new book since baby. But here’s what’s on my to-read list… and I plan on getting on it ASAP.

  • Barefoot by Sharon Garlough Brown. The third installment in her “sensible shoes” series. This is Christian Fiction, which I normally hate, but I absolutely LOVE her storytelling. I read the first two books within a few days and have been eagerly awaiting the third, which finally came out last month.
  • Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. This is his memoir about growing up biracial in Apartheid South Africa… very curious to read.
  • Embrace the Coming Light by Eddy Ekmekji & Tyler Watson. If you’re in need of an advent devotional to go through this Christmas season, I highly recommend this one. I went through it last year and loved it.

Baby Stuff

  • Potty Training. Well I’m not “into this”, but I am certainly doing it… and man, what an ordeal. We’re taking on the ‘naked for a week’ approach and it’s actually gone quite well so far. Josh is at the stage where he’s going to the potty on his own now without us needing to tell him. We have not ventured out of the house yet or tried undies… am very curious to see how that will go.
  • Kai & Josh bro love is totally happening and it’s the most heart-warming thing in the world.


Is anyone else not loving Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? I just finished it and really enjoyed the last episode, but the first three were pretty painful to get through. Also the show had a lot of moments that I found inappropriate (some racially insensitive things and some body-shaming things… anyone else notice that?) Overall, GG makes me nostalgic so it was mostly worth watching.

Both Nick and I are still in love with This is Us and Jane the Virgin.

I have also (somewhat shamefully) tried watching Ben & Lauren Happily Ever After (every episode) but am not sure why. It is very obviously scripted and not all that entertaining.


You guys… remember how I mentioned the Sprinkles Baking Book last time? Well, I bought it and am absolutely obsessed. I have already made two of the recipes (the chocolate marshmallow cupcakes were to die for) and I have picked a few more I want to make over the holidays. The book is about 1/3 cupcake recipes and 2/3 other desserts.

Another new sweet obsession (for both Nick & I) are chocolate chip dunkers from trader joe’s, which we dip in our coffee. We both ‘mmm’ & ‘ahhh’ & ‘ughhh’ every single time.

Lastly, I made my first ever meatloaf this month when my friend passed along her recipe. Very proud of myself for making such an all-american dish (usually we stick to Asian). It turned out super yum.
A side note: meatloaf is AMAZING for children because you can stuff it with veggies (I chose kale & bell peppers) and they’ll gobble it right up.


Thanks to to Marie Kondo’s famous book, the life-changing magic of tidying up, I realized a few weeks ago that I have no cold-weather clothes. Why, you ask? I thoughtlessly tossed out all my warm coats, shawls & jackets while purging “things I haven’t worn in 6 months”… and, incidentally, Los Angeles CAN INDEED get chilly in the winter (& even during the fall!). So I splurged a bit on cyber Monday when I suddenly realized I’d need a jacket or two.

*I will also add that my favorite items thus far this cold holiday season have been, without question, my oversized grey cardigan and my cozy jogger pants (if you’re also in need of an item or two check them out ;)).

Little Things In Between

  • My new favorite coffee shop (Balconi Coffee) is walking distance from our apartment and has the most unreal almond essence latte on the planet. I crave it every day.
  • Our fireplace is making the holidays in LA feel a little more winter-y & I am loving it. My dream is to get the fire cracklin’ & curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a good book & a yummy cup of coffee 🙂
  • Because I’m a pen person, staedtler pens are my new favorite. The triplus fineliner with 20 different colors are the best for journalling.

What are you into this month?


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