10 Things I Learned in January


  1. Do not leave your toddler’s antibiotics within his reach.
    Because let me tell you what will happen: You and your husband will realize it’s gone. Then, you will each insist that the other accidentally threw it out. After the panic of ‘oh no, we really can’t find it’, you frantically call your pediatrician on a Sunday so that she can put in an emergency prescription to the pharmacy. She will then suggest that maybe Joshua hid it, since kids tend to do that when they have yucky-tasting medicine. I say, “no way, Josh wouldn’t do that.” And then, low and behold, a couple weeks later… you will definitely find it hidden in his toy truck.
  2. I am in dire need of a backpack diaper bag.
    I did not listen to the incredibly insightful advice a dear friend gave me (yup, that’s you, Parastou) that I will absolutely need a hands-free diaper bag with two children. I, instead, decided to go with a well-priced, cute shoulder bag and it has been NOT been working… bulky and constantly sliding down my shoulder when I’m trying to manage a toddler & a baby. A backpack diaper bag feels necessary right now.
  3. Books about separation anxiety are helping my kiddo adjust to preschool.
    Having something tangible I can do to help him transition more smoothly is helpful for both of us. Namely, the two books, “I Love You All Day Long” and “The Kissing Hand” are helping him grasp the concept of school and that we still love him and think about him when he’s there. Highly recommend 🙂
  4. I totally failed at Christmas card distribution.
    Yeah, so I’m very sorry if you did not get our Christmas card. I have an enormous stack sitting on our desk. We sent out about half… the other half, I kept putting off sending until it just got embarrassing. I might still send some out so that they don’t go to waste… but, lesson learned. I will be on top of it this year.
  5. Paperclips make awesome bookmarks.
    How cute are those heart paperclips (pictured above) I got from the dollar section at Target? They are amazing as bookmarks and also as page keepers for recipes in cookbooks! Super into it right now.
  6. I’m loving the bullet journal.
    ^^That’s my bullet journal in blue above 🙂 I was super intimidated to try the bullet journal, but had been eyeing the system for a couple years now. I started about a month ago and really love it. It’s super helpful for task-oriented/ to-do list type people. It looks complicated, but it’s actually a lot simpler than I thought. This blog & this other one really helped equip me to start. The only thing I miss from my planner is my ‘monthly layout’ view. Otherwise, it’s everything I need for keeping track of things.
  7. There needs to be more drive-thru’s.
    I have two sleeping children in my car and am in DIRE need of chipotle… please create a drive-thru option, Chipotle. I know this is absolutely a first world issue… I am sometimes bummed that the only food I can get for my kids when driving home from somewhere and they’re both knocked out in the car is McDonalds or Jack-in-the-box. I typically settle for In n Out because that appears to be the ‘purest’ option… I know it’s shooting for the stars, but I really desire more drive-thru’s for healthier places.
  8. Josh is starting to love Kai.
    I was worried because I heard about how rough toddler boys can be with their baby bro’s (this isn’t completely untrue here). But Josh has been so great with his little bro as Kai becomes more interactive. The other day while Kai was napping on our couch and I was playing Lego’s with Josh, he would get up every 2 minutes or so and walk over to kiss Kai on the head, all the while saying “shhhh baby Kai is sleeping!” or whispering to Kai, “it’s okay baby, I’m right next to you”. This killlllllls me. You can’t tell here, but they super love each other 🙂 🙂


  9. It’s hard being half in & half out. 
    Do any other part-time working mothers feel this? Although, I still stand by the opinion that working part-time is ideal for me, I also feel like I’m not really winning at anything. You know how some moms are stay-at-home and ‘pinterest-y’ and on PTA board and amazing? I’m not that. And you know how other moms are rising to the top at work and kicking butt in the professional world? I’m not that either. I feel sort of half in and half out everywhere. I know this isn’t totally true and I will surely find a groove as I get older and more seasoned… but right now, I feel pretty all over the place.
  10. Amazon Prime is saving my life.
    Thank you, Amazon Prime, for saving me from making endless trips to Target or the grocery story. Thank you for free shipping and TWO-day shipping and a cheaper option for just about everything. Thank you for super quick Christmas shopping & birthday gift shopping and letting me know what’s a best-seller & what isn’t. Thank you for letting me subscribe to diapers & wipes & laundry detergent.
    You have made this #crazymomlife a little less chaotic.

One thought on “10 Things I Learned in January

  1. Sarah Beth says:

    umm yes please to a drive thru chipotle already!!!!!! everything needs a drive thru, or even better everything needs a two lane drive thru! 🙂

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